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This was the worst visit to the dentist in my life. I don't expect anything special but to be ignored by the doctor. When my teeth were clean the hygenist told me the doctor was with another patient and it would be a few minutes. 30 minutes later I ask her how much longer that I had another appointment in 45 minutes. The hygentis went to check with the doctor. About 5 minutes later this woman came flying in the room (NEVER DID IDENTIFY HERSELF) and spent about 2 minutes in my mouth and told the hygentis, I am finished. I guess she was the doctor, who knows. I have a problem seeing someone new every 6 months guess I don't understand your system.

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I went in to have my 6 month cleaning. I was pleased with the service I received. Only negative thing is that I have been in a couple of times and have different Dentists. I'm not sure who the Dentists are. No probelems with any, just don't know who is where, since there are two offices. Otherwise very good service and everyone was friendly.

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I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with my appointment today. Not only was I seen 30 minutes after my set appointment time, but the dentist's "chairside manner" was poor. Not once did she discuss with me what she was doing along the way, nor did she pay attention to my cues of hand waving or facial grimaces to stop and ask me - at any point - if I was doing ok. Upon finishing my fillings, all that was said (and repeated) was the need for a crown prep on a certain tooth - number only. Even with questioning, they all looked at me as if I was silly for not knowing what numbers each of my teeth are, as opposed to explaining. Overall, a VERY frustrating experience. Upon further conversation, I found that the dentist I had been accustomed to was no longer working there AND that the practice was under new ownership - NEVER was I informed of either piece of information.

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This was the 1st experience I've had a hygenist check my throat and face area for leasions/ abnormal things. I was very impressed with I believe Angelia who was visiting from another office to help out. She cleaned my teeth perfect and the dentist gave her excellent reviews. I was also impressed with the dentist giving her props on her cleaning and praising her as much as she did. Excellent feedback from the dentsit to the hygenist and great team work. Please keep it up.

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I love coming to Greensboro Dental Care...their staff is caring and supportive. Karen is a great Dental Hygienist; however the walk-in staff needs a lesson in tact and respect! Some people do not like to be called "sweetheart or honey". Also, it's been a week and I am still waiting to hear back with a follow-up appointment that the receptionist said she would call with....