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What others had to say

5 stars Verified customer

Thank you for keeping me looking great! I've been a client now for about 18 months, and would not want to go without lash extensions.

5 stars Verified customer

Been getting my lashes done here for years! If you want great looking lashes that won't damage your natural lashes, this is the place to go!!

5 stars

I love my lashes, and so does my husband! Every single day, at least 2-3 people will comment on my lashes, and when I tell them they are extensions. Onlookers are stunned as to how natural they look. I love how much time it saves me every morning. I found iLash Factory with Groupon and paid a one time fee to up-grade. These techs are the pros! Thanks Christie!

1 stars Verified customer

Although customer service is great and comfortable atmosphere, I quickly developed an allergic reaction to their eye lash treatment. At the 2nd treatment I mentioned the uncomfortable sensation I was feeling (itching and discharge). The 3rd treatment was worst. By the end of the day, I had to go to urgent care to stop the itching and swelling of my eye lids. The extensions needed to me removed immediately To remove the glue that was causing the reaction. Very painful. My eye lids skin peeled off after 3 days and not a pleasant sensation. I called iLash to report the allergic reaction and all was done was to cancel my next appointment. No offer for refund or if they recently change their glue or any other material that may have cause the reaction. My last set of extension were removed within 10 hrs so I lost $65 so beware to any signs of discomfort cause the reaction was not pleasant and took me 8 days to recover.

5 stars Verified customer

Professional, fast & the best service!

1 stars Verified customer

I can't even believe that your company would even offer partial eyelash extensions (just the corners). That is almost ridiculous! I was disappointed at how they kept trying to sell me an upgrade. REally not worth the $$$$$$. I went to a real eyelash place got it completely done for just a bit more $.