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My appointment was at 2pm for which I arrived at 1:45. At 2;45, as no one had said anything to me, I went back to the front desk to ask if there was a problem and should I reschedule. She indicated that yes, there had been an issue with the previous patient. I believe I finally was shown back at 3:15 or so. Dr. Arbuckle ordered an X-ray. I went to another desk and gave the lady the paperwork. She told me to go to another waiting area and someone would come get me. After another 20 minutes or so I went back and asked if I was in the right waiting area and she snapped, "YES!". I almost left. The entire atmosphere was really not very professional and gives me great pause, frankly.

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I was promptly called to the registration desk, explained what information was needed and then after just a few minutes was taken by the doctor's assistant who ask for more information which was followed by x-rays. Just a few minutes later the x-rays were explained to me followed by the doctor's questions, an explanation of how things have progressed , answering my questions, and back to reception area for scheduling. Could it have gone any smoother? I doubt it.

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Friendly, courteous, professional and on time.

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I had Fusion surgery a week ago to relive major lower left leg pain. No pain since surgery. I often don't think of questions during an appointment and usually they are not important enough to call about. I would have appreciated at least a little more explanation especially regarding activity after surgery. I'm in better physical condition than most, heal quickly, and an active person and am concerned I might over do something.

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The care, the people and the attitude at Indiana Spine Group are five-star.

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Always feel like my problems are important.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I am very satisfied with the care that I receive from Indiana Spine. Dr. Macadaeg is very patient and explains all options.

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Fast efficient and beneficial. Thank you

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Great so far

5 stars Customer since 2013

Awesome. Being a procrastinator I tried physical therapy for a few months. Adam, the PT, was great but we realized it was going to take more to fix the back ache. I met with Dr. Arbuckle on Monday to discuss none invasive procedures. On Wednesday I was getting a steroid injection. OMG I should have done it sooner. Today, one day afterwards, my pain is almost nonexistent (I know this may not be typical). The whole procedure lasted about an hour from arrival to discharge. I was very nervous not knowing what to expect and thinking a shot in my spine sounds painful. But the staff was very comforting, kept the mood light and assured me it was no big deal (easy for them to say!). They were right. The only "pain" was the numbing shot and it was "no big deal". Then, in what seamed like about 30 seconds, Dr. Arbuckle was done! During the whole procedure he was telling me exactly what he was doing when he touched my back so there were no surprises. To be honest I hope I don't have to go back because the area repairs itself, but if I do, I won't hesitate for a second. My advise, don't put it off!