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Poor customer service after unit has been installed. This company will get around to do things not done or promised, but you have to always be asking or hounding them on them. They have a large turn over in employees, also.

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After sending a technician, thinking he was doing a service call, he did write down the needs for upgrading the AC after being informed that no service was needed at the time. The company has Never called back, wrote to give me a quote. The service man even left his presentation flyers but has not returned.

5 stars Customer since 2012

The technician (Can't remember his name. Troy?) was great. Professional and diligent. Showed up on time, fixed the problem and explained the situation well.

1 stars Customer since 2014

Intelligent Design Installed a new electrical box and upgrade to 200 amps. Then install new gas-pack air-conditioner/heater.

I interview 5 different companies because of the cost of the job. I and went with Intelligent Design because they had a good reputation, had done the job for our neighbor across the road, said they could do both the air upgrade and the electrical box and upgrade, said they had satisfaction guaranteed on all their work, and had 12 months same as cash financing on all their work. I was interviewing both air-conditioner install crews and electricians. When the salesman said that everything was guaranteed for 20 years, and that they could also do the electric upgrade and new box, I decided they were the best choice even if they were not the best price.

When they were doing the work things got postponed a couple times. No big deal, we weren't moved in yet. But when I found that they still hadn't ordered the permit for the electrician's work, I had to insist that it happen. Then I was asked to sign off on the work being completed. I said I would after it was inspected by city. The inspector for the city came and said the electrical work was amateurish and did not pass it. As luck would have it, my husband overheard an electrician at his workplace talking about our house. We looked up the name and found out that Intelligent Design had subbed out the contract to a company who the Better Business Bureau had put up a warning about because they could not find them to check on claims. They had changed their address and phone. But were still doing business. Intelligent Design ordered another inspection after JEB came back to fix the issues. A new inspector came out and passed everything. He then said that I needed to call TEP to have them do a hard shut down to up the amps to 200. I called and TEP did not know an upgrade had been ordered. (Intelligent Design or JEB Electric never called them.) TEP said that they would need to come out and inspect. They warned that if the wiring from the meter to the house was not good, they would need to charge about $2000 to fix it. I was rather upset. However after about three weeks, TEP installed the new meter and said all was okay.

Meantime I was concerned because the air-conditioning was not reaching the back bedroom, instead of fixing anything Intelligent Design came out and walked around with a heat sensor (after installing not before) to find the problem spots and said it was because of the way the house was built. Some guarantee. I was told to get air to the back bedroom I needed to leave our bedroom door open. I was also concerned that we did not have power to the lights in the back yard since the work was done. We had power there before the work, and the inspector said that it was the responsibility of the last person to have hands on the electric box. When I asked Intelligent Design about it they said that JEB Electric said it wasn’t their issue and that it never worked. (I am sure it did.)

I refused to sign off on the work until the electrician came back out and fixed the problems, that never happened, but Intelligent Design didn't wait until I signed off on the work, they told the charge card company that they contracted with for 1 year same as cash to start collecting. The fine print says that if I miss a payment I need to pay 24%. So naturally I started paying even though the work is still not finished.

I called again to find out when someone was going to fix the electrical problem. I was told that someone would be out which never happened. No contact for three weeks. So I posted the above review, which was the only tool I had since they had already paid themselves without my signing off.

When I posted this report on Angie’s List and Google, Intelligent Design’s owner called to talk. He wanted to make us happy and asked how that could happen. I told him about the hot back bedroom. He checked and said we just needed a larger air return. I asked him to fix that. He agreed. However, it turned into a bit of a inconvenient and silly mess. First a worker from Intelligent Design arranged to come and put in the vent cover. We arranged to be here, he came out of the bedroom and said that he brought the wrong size. He arranged for another time to come out. He came back with a larger vent cover, it was the same size and the one we had on there. I asked him why and he said he was just told to put a new cover on. I explained what the purpose was and he laughed and said he was never told that. He arranged to come back again to fix it properly. Meantime, Intelligent Design sent JEB Electric back out to fix the lights in the backyard. He came out, walked around the yard and said no way it ever worked and that the wires in the yard are hazardous. I was upset that he could change out the power box and leave hazardous wires. I was also upset that he said it could never have worked, since I know it did. I called Intelligent Design’s owner and he agreed to send another electrician out. He also said no way it could have worked before.

I know it did! So, Intelligent Design’s owner said he would fix it to make me happy. I agreed. Then this letter came from him asking me to sign off that I would never say anything bad about them in the future or I would need to pay the price of fixing it. I told them my review could not be bought. I would rather get my own electrician and get it fixed out of my pocket than fool other consumers into thinking that this company was reputable.

Here is what the letter the sent us said.

“We have committed to increase the return under the old furnace closet so that the Hollingsworth residence will have better comfort in the far bedroom. Also we will run new electric from the main panel in conduit under eave to southwest corner of house then to underground conduit to pool equipment area. Install new time clock for pump, new switch for aerator and new j-box and switch for pool light. New line from time clock to pump. In addition we have increased the service club membership from 1yr to 3 years.

In agreeing to this you are signing that you agree and understand that this will not guarantee that pool light and aerator is in good condition and/or functioning order. We do not guarantee those pieces of equipment. By agreeing to have the items listed above that were not part of the initial contracted scope of work installed for free, you also agree that you will give no less than A or 5 star ratings or any negative at all of our company on the internet or anywhere else. If this portion of the agreement is not upheld you agree to pay full retail for all of the free items given in an attempt to make you a happy customer. Agreeing to complete this extra work is in no way an admission of guilt. We have had 2 separate licensed bonded electricians inspect the pool lights and the wiring and they have determined that new electric panel install was done beautifully and did not affect the pool lights in any way.”

This makes me wonder how many of the reviews I checked about this company were paid for in a similar way.

5 stars Customer since 2014


5 stars Customer since 2013

Very thorough and carefully carried out. Everything was explained well.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Samuel and Jorge did a great and timely job of changing out my "gas-pack." How the two of them managed to move the new unit to the back of the house and the old one to the street is beyond me. The work was completed, trash picked up and hauled away. The only thing left is the paper work that has goes with the unit being delivered to me.

5 stars Customer since 2013

We were scheduled for our fall maintenance on our heat pump. The technician came and did what needed to be done. He was efficient, organized, and knew what to do. I could not be more satisfied with his work.

5 stars Customer since 2014

When my AC unit went out we were in a panic. One call and within the hour before my wife even knew the technician Todd was on site and had the problem well in hand. We were up and running within an hour and the home was ready to be cooled. Todd was well aware as to what he was doing in repairing our problem. The professionalism shown by Intelligent Design Air Conditioning and Heating is outstanding.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Very timely, know what they are doing, pre-check was awesome before installation, breakdown so you understood what you were getting and how it worked. There to answer any questions.