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82.5% would refer friends and family to us

2 stars Customer since 2023

I booked 90’ massage and the therapies cut it short by 15’. When I asked why the answer was- I did everything I needed to do so I wrapped up early - The receptionist took 25$ off the price but that was not the point. Very mediocre massage , uninterested staff and the place is nothing special

3 stars Verified customer

Staff was very friendly and made the process easy but very high prices for mediocre services. Treatment area waiting room had dirty, stained furniture.

2 stars Verified customer

The staff were VERY friendly and warm. I was late to the massage and the staff was totally accommodating and not mad at all, but luckily it was a Tuesday and they had no other appointments. However, the overall experience wasn’t worth the $160+ massage and wasn’t high quality.

The masseuse was extremely friendly and sweet, but she talked the entire 60 minute massage. I was responding to her, because I felt bad not engaging based on how nice she was and what she was telling me (about her family and she used to live where I live so she was asking me about that). But it did not allow me to relax. She talked the whole time, at one point even showed me pictures I did not ask to see on her phone in the massage room, and it felt like she was just gently running her hands over me rather than massaging me. I told her she could use harder pressure twice but barely ever felt a difference. I asked her to focus on my neck, and she did find a knot in my back that she worked, but it felt like she spent more time on my legs/ feet than she did my neck. When she left the room for me to undress to begin the massage, she didn’t tell me if I should lay face up for face down so I asked her and she told me I could do whatever I wanted, which was odd to me. In all the massages I’ve received, the masseuse tells me how they’d like me to begin. She asked if I wanted a bolster under my legs, which should be required for blood flow rather than an option, and the sheet on the table was not tucked in so I kept feeling the bare mattress underneath me. Again, truly felt bad giving her real time feedback based on how sweet she was, but it was not worth the $160 + tip I paid for a total of $207. She was joking that I could call her to babysit if I needed a babysitter for my child (I’m pregnant and am due in June), which was fine once but she brought it up several times. She told me about her parents who had passed away, about her boyfriend and boyfriends mother, about her stepson and about where she used to work. She also told me the spa is under new management which she was very happy about, and just other details I didn’t need to hear about while trying to relax.

When I was checking out, because I was not a guest of the hotel, I handed the attendant at the spa reception my valet ticket to validate, which they did, but I also asked if they could call the valet desk to request my car because the ticket said to call valet from your room 15 minutes before you needed your car. When I asked spa reception to call since I didn’t have a hotel room, they seemed unaware and said they couldn’t do that for me. I questioned them and the attendant asked her manager who assured her she could call and request the car for me, so she called but valet said I had to go down and ask in person, which I ended up doing. Seems to be a disconnect there - even non-hotel guests who use the spa services should be able to request their car ahead of time.

Again, everyone was very friendly, but it wasn’t the level of service I expected from such a respected hotel/ spa.

5 stars Verified customer

She was wonderful!

5 stars Verified customer

Robyn is great! Facial was fantastic. Staff very helpful and courteous. Will definitely return.

1 stars Verified customer

Today’s massage was the WORST I have ever had. To start, None of the lockers worked on an entire wall, had to go to reception for assistance despite the fact that an employee was sitting there and didn’t offer to help. I go into the “serenity” area before my massage and have a glass of water out of a styrofoam cup. I find one of the chairs to sit in that doesn’t have a dinner plate sized stain. Then, I am STUNNED at the scream-laughing/conversing employees in a nearby staff area. I figured when they came out, they’d be equally stunned to see a guest there and apologize for being bar level loud, but no, it’s actually my ‘masseuse’ asking if I’m ready.

Then things really get interesting.

The massage room looks like a large gas station restroom, without the toilet. There’s a huge cavern shower there, dark, no shower curtain. A sad looking table with Target quality linen is in the middle. There isn’t a candle or the like within miles.

The “massage” was just someone rubbing lotion on me for an hour.

When it’s over, I go back to the 1 working locker to get my clothes. I look for a bathroom stall to change in, walking by 1 unflushed toilet after another. By the final stall, I find one. I drop my robe and an egg-sized hair tumbleweed (not mine!) shoots across the floor.

I go to pay and find tip has already been included.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Great atmosphere, relaxing, good way to end a work trip.

5 stars Verified customer

The therapist was skilled and knowledgeable. Check in was simple and the sauna was clean and an added bonus. Would definitely come back next time I am in the area.

5 stars Customer since 2022

I had a lovely pedicure

4 stars Customer since 2022

I do not remember her name, but her massage was perfect for my needs. The only minus was the timer ringing very audibly through the music during the service.

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