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We rescued a dog while on vacation in Mexico. We took care of all of his vet visits, immunizations, neutering, etc. He was inoculated for everything, received antibiotics, blood tests, etc., to make sure that he had a clean bill of health, well before returning to Canada. A wonderful couple from Victoria, who are involved in rescuing horses and other animals, fostered him for two months while we were there (they own a beautiful vacation home). He lived, played, ate, and slept with their own dogs.

One medication was prescribed for him to be taken for a month after returning home. It was for internal parasites (to make sure we got them all).

A week after our return home, while giving him the medicine, the applicator broke and he received the whole thing. He spit quite a bit out and we removed all we could from his mouth. I went online right away and found out that he had to get to the vet to induce vomiting and receive charcoal. We took him immediately to Island Vet to see Ken Langelier, our regular vet.

I called a couple of hours later and they had 'just' given him charcoal. Two hours later we went in and he was blind, stumbling around, swaying, and being startled by everything. I learned from the office manager Randy, that they took time researching Ivermectin before doing anything. (In 30 seconds I was able to find out that he had to be induced to vomit and given the charcoal!) He said the box was in Spanish and they couldn't understand it. I pointed out that the name 'Ivermectin" and the content, concentration, etc was clearly shown in English. You didn't have to read Spanish to understand it.

Randy told me that you can't trust anything in Mexico and that anyone could hang a paper on the wall and call themselves a vet. He said they were uneducated and that it was our fault for trying to save money and buying unreliable medicine there. He said that they make only $2 a day so what can you expect! I told him that in fact, the vets in Mexico were very knowledgeable and had the latest, most up to date facilities.

Randy said that Agriculture Canada would never have allowed the dog into Canada. I pointed out that Agriculture Canada saw the dog and his paperwork when we entered Canada in Vancouver. They were totally happy with his condition and shots. He said THEY wouldn't have approved the dog! I told him I was surprised that he felt that his clinic was more informed than Agriculture Canada.

I also told him how much we valued Ken (his brother), who has been our vet for years, played a part in the rescue of one of our dogs and has always been loving and kind. Ken cares about animals and is the go to vet for wildlife rescues. Randy emphatically told me that they would be more than happy to transfer our records over to another clinic. And he wouldn't do anything about the $700 vet bill. We paid it in full. Randy added insult to injury, kicked us when we were down, essentially accusing us of killing our dog because we were cheap and used Mexican products.

I spoke with the owner/vet of a major clinic in Victoria. He said that every vet knows how to deal with Ivermectin and the proper procedures were not followed. He said that the dog would not have died.if protocol had been followed.

Stay away from Island Vet!

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The staff and Drs provided excellent care to my beloved companion cat Gemma.

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They know what they are doing , there on time and you don't feel rushed.

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I have been into the clinic several times and all the staff has been courteous and warm. I received follow up phone calls and was always welcome to call the clinic if I had any questions or needed further clarification on any matter.

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While I appreciate the extended hours compared to other clinics, you're prices are much higher, and you have a tendency to push for many extras. I often feel like my requests are not heard which leads to worries about appointments.

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Had to take my cat to Island Vet yesterday. As usual we received a warm welcome and the vet was empathetic, gentle and professional. Have been a client for about 10 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Island Vet.

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Friendly staff, good service, friendly, clear and professional towards the animals and their owners.

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Our dogs love visiting their Vets - the staff are so kind and friendly and generous with treats! Everyone is helpful and pleasant to deal with. We appreciate the high standard of treatment.

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All the vet doctors at Island Veterinary hospital have a combination of caring for animals and also have the skill and ability to be a good fur doctor!!

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We loved the experience! Friday was so afraid when we first arrived and the doctor was so patient and good with Friday! We were so impressed with the experience