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1 stars

I am writing this with lot of pain and not able to sleep. I want no one to go through the sufferings that I went through.

Went to get a consult cause food get stuck in between my wisdom tooth and next molar. She said that the wisdom tooth needs to come and gave treatment plan for 10 visits for nearly $10500.00. They scheduled appointment for 3/14.

Went back on 3/14 and after deep cleaning, Dr removed my Wisdom tooth and went into extreme pain after three days. Went back for the pain and she removed another molar tooth saying it is infected. It got worst after removing my second tooth.

Extreme pain on march 30th 2AM and called for emergency in morning and she refused to see me and blamed me saying I did not return her call and not showing for appointment but I do have records for phone call. She agreed to see me. Went there she did nothing and when we asked the reason she even threatened my husband saying she will call 911. She started accusing me and my tooth problem. I left the clinic crying. This is going on from Feb 23, 2013. I am under lot of pain.

5 stars Verified customer

My son broke his tooth, split his rear molar in half, on a Friday afternoon. We called around and couldn't find anyone. Then we found Jino Dental. We were in first thing on Saturday 8am. They did x-rays and the extraction in under 2hrs while having a full schedule of patients already on the books. Thanks so much!

Jino Dental replied:

It was a pleasure to help. So glad we were here to help you with your sons emergency. He did great!

5 stars Customer since 2012

I am one of those people who fear the dentist, but after a week of an incredible amount of pain, I finally called the dentist. Dr. Patel couldn't have been more accommodating. She was VERY informative every step of the way. The actual procedure was done in record time (in my opinion). Her manner was soothing and gentle. I also really liked the fact that she was available just in case I needed anything, which I did not as I haven't had ANY pain since I initially sat down in the chair. Thanks and BRAVO to Dr. Patel! I no longer fear the dentist!

Jino Dental replied:

Thank you David! It was a pleasure meeting you and helping you to feel better. We welcome you to our dental family and look forward to seeing you!

5 stars Customer since 2012

The best dentist I have ever had, hands down, and I hate going to the dentist. They are friendly, thorough, GENTLE, fast and answered and explained all my questions.

I'll be referring all of my family and friends - so nice to have a great quality dentist I feel I can trust to actually tell me what's what. I wish they had an extra 5 stars to give as I've gone from absolutely dreading the dentist to looking forward to my next visit!

Jino Dental replied:

Thank you Mary for your kind words. We are glad your apart of our dental family and look forward to seeing you for your visits!

5 stars Customer since 2012

Yes they are the best dentist I have ever been too.

Jino Dental replied:

Thank you Sarah for the kind words! You and your husband are really great. We truly care and want the best for all our patients.

2 stars Customer since 2012

The actual cleaning was excellent but it took 1hr. and 1/2. I was on pain pills for 8 hours for the aggravation of my arthritis in my neck. My neck didn't recover for 4 days. I had no problem when the dentist did me when I first came in, since she was so fast. I really need to have someone fast clean my teeth.

Jino Dental replied:

Dear Nancy, We are sorry for your discomfort after your teeth cleaning with our hygienist. We have talked with all hygiene providers at our office and agree that each dental patient has a unique level of tartar and combined with their potential level of gum disease, inflammation and threshold of pain, it is better to error in providing a teeth cleaning that is on the softer side.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share and for letting us know what we can do to make it a more comfortable visit for you when you return for your follow up hygiene appointment. We deeply appreciate you and will take extra care. Know that I am always available by telephone or in person, should you in the future even wish to talk with me direct. It is my goal to take the best care of my dental patients and hear directly from them immediately regarding any issue that is important to them. Your comfort is important to us.


Dr. Patel

5 stars Customer since 1999

Ii needed to have the hygienist take a look at a gum problem I was having due to something I had eaten over the weekend. The very efficient and friendly office staff was able to get me in within 2 hours of my call. As usual, Mary the hygienist performed a 'miracle' and I soon happily on my way home.

Jino Dental replied:

Thank you Mary- wonderful we were able to meet your needs- it is always great to be of help and also to be appreciated.

As always, our patients are our best part of our day.

Your Dental Team at Jino Dental

5 stars Customer since 1999

Great experience!!

I had 2 crowns done on teeth adjacent to each other. I experienced virtually no pain and my crowns were made as I waited. The whole proceedure took about 2 hours start to finish!

This is the next dsay new teeth "feel" great with no residual pain other then slight gum soreness.

Would HIGHLY reccomend Dr. Patel.

Jino Dental replied:

Thank you Nick for the great compliment. Glad that the 3-D same day crown technology and Dr. Patel's dental touch is rated 5-Stars.

You are the best part of our day-- we appreciate our dental patients and are glad we have met your dental needs.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Both the Dr. and her staff work to make your experience comfortable and fast. Being open on Saturday's is very helpful for patients who have a hard time scheduling appointments during the week. The Dr. is very nice and knows the latest dental procedures, which makes your visit worry free. I would recommend her to my family and friends. I am happy that 1-800Dentist helped me find her.

Jino Dental replied:

So glad to know you are happy and comfortable with our office. Thank you Steve!

5 stars Customer since 1999

Very happy with the dental work last visit. The need for urgency was hadled with great care and professionalism.

Jino Dental replied:

Glad your our patient Stan! Thanks for the kind words.