99.8% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Customer since 2014

Love Dr. Tregaskes's office staff,

And I really appreciate his intelligence, and professionalism. I am very grateful to b have the honor to be seen and under his care.

5 stars Customer since 2014

My husband and I were amazed by the findings revealed in my diagnosis. Dr. Tregaskes explained and demonstrated the situation in a manner I could comprehend. I am encouraged that I will regain health.

5 stars Customer since 2002

Lee is a true professional and always charming and highly efficient!

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Tregaskes and his staff made sure that I was very comfortable. They explained everything that I needed to know. I was very happy with my experience at their clinic and plan to go back with all my future needs.

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Great as always.

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always a good experience at dr t's office

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Always personal and thorough!! Thanks!

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I feel inwardly and absolutely, discouraged. It is true that I did not take a 3-choice option presented to me 2 years ago. However, I wished I would have known the grave consequences I would/could, have faced only 2 years later..the loss of 11 teeth? And possibly more? With expensive and complicated choices afterwards?

Perhaps I would have been more ready and willing to take the plunge 2 years ago had I known how bad things would get. It is very difficult to accurately assess the depth of the consequences with the advice that things, " will only get worse." Although that advise is very true, to say the least, being a layperson, I never could have visualized these horrific ramifications. Perhaps it would be helpful to give patients initially, a multi pronged/detailed, reality check, pointing to a list of possible, potential, eventual consequences - to stoke the flames of understanding and hopeful heeding the professional advise being given in the presentation of options. It is amazing how finances can be 'found', when a person is able to see things as they really could eventually be. It would serve as a good weapon against indecisiveness, especially with patients like me who would rather give to others, while always holding back on myself.

For the last 2 years, inwardly hoping to one day return and choose one or more of my options, I brushed and flossed and gargled myself to oblivion, not ever knowing, even by faithfully adhering to that regimine, that things could get as bad as they did in 2 years. Now, tragically, as the saying goes, "it is what it is." My fault, my ignorance.

I believe my greatest mistake was initially coming in 2 years ago thinking "cosmetic" - and, once hearing the 'amount', for the three choices, not being more aggressive in seeking information as to the possible 'damaging' affects my inaction could have resulted in. Even knowing I had an infection in 'one' front lower tooth, how could I ever have known things would have ended this way. Now 11 teeth have to go, and maybe more? God forgive my ignorance!

This is a heartbreaking lesson to learn - and at the end of the day, the only mature and responsible thing to do is acknowledge that the fault is entirely mine.

People truly need to take a proactive approach concerning their health care. There is more to our teeth than the 'front ones' that people can see. Ask every possible question. Combine cosmetic, prevention, maintenance, etc., together in your considerations and questions( * even if your ignorance is seemingly frustrating to the professional who has to unfortunately and daily deal with our lack of understanding and at times, ignorance). It could keep you from the heart break and discouragement of my incredible consequences. 2 years ago I was hearing while laying backwards in the chair that I had "excellent gums." 2 years later, now I have to hear the stinging dialog of "periodontal problems." My fault again. But perhaps had I been more proactive and aggressive in my questions ( which is only fair to The Dr. ), I could have avoided that particular and embarrassing nightmare. Now I have to deal with it. My God will see me through. He still works miracles!!!

Finally, I recognize Dr. Tregaskes as an amazingly brilliant and gifted professional. I would easily recommend him, without hesitation, and yes, gladly give a rating of 5 stars. My present problem is of my own making.

God bless.

5 stars Verified customer

I was very pleased to finally get a reason for the headaches and jaw aches I've been having. The exam was very thorough and everything was explained in an easily understood way. Dr. Tregaskes and his assistant, Kelly, were likable and professional and I am anxious to begin treatment.

Joseph N. Tregaskes, DMD,MS replied:

Thank you for your wonderful compliments!

5 stars Customer since 1999

Always a treat to go to the office - everyone friendly and helpful - especially Leigh....

Been a patient for a long long time and hope to be one always.

Joseph N. Tregaskes, DMD,MS replied:

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!