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83.3% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2013

Very good doctor,explain everything what's going on

5 stars Customer since 2012

They are great. I had the best experience.

4 stars Customer since 2012

My experience with Dr. Zieve was overall good. She was able to locate the area that had been bothering me and it seemed to relieve some pressure & decrease pain. There was another area that I had either twisted or pulled a muscle in the day before, and when I saw Dr. Zieve the area was not bothering me anymore, but after her treatment, the area that I had twisted became very inflamed and much more painful, so I am not sure if the treatment made the other pain worse or if it was going to get worse on it's own.

1 stars Customer since 2012

They charged $130 for an initial visit, said the receptionist would call Blue Cross while I was in session to verify coverage and if they had overcharged me, it would go towards any "co-pay I might have for succeeding visits." I hesitated, and Dr. Zieve aggressively lectured me on how qualified she was and said "you don't question other doctors on why they charge what they do. You get treated and pay what they ask!" I was in pain, so I got bullied into the exam and treatment. She examined me but said I would get the "report of findings" at the next session! The "treatment," was ten minutes of a vibrating machine and some light rubbing. Afterwards, the receptionist said Blue Cross was closed. I called myself the following morning and was told I was fully covered and chiropractors that charge upfront are trying to get all the money they can and it "is bad practice." I canceled my next appointment and THEN Dr. Zieve admitted she is not contracted with Blue Cross anymore! She then proceeded to scare me with things like "if you continue on the way you are going, you're going to end up with osteoarthritis," and "bargain-hunt all you want, but this is your health!" She even argued with me about my 80/20 zero co-pay plan, declaring "that IS a co-pay. The 20 percent is a co-pay!" I didn't bother explaining the difference between co-insurance and co-pay. Clearly she doesn't understand legitimate billing.

5 stars Customer since 2012

She is amazing and pleasant. When She talks to you and makes you comfortable, you forget your pain and suffering. From front desk to the treating room, they are very helpful and nice people. Keep up the best Job you do. Thank you.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I enjoy being under Doctor Zieve's care. She cares about people and knows how to fix muscle and spine-related problems. I'm a runner and see my run times get better and I can give some of the credit to this doctor who has made good recommendations to me and, after a thorough exam, has been working toward correcting my muscle and spinal alignment issues.

3 stars Customer since 2012

Never used a chiropractor before but this was a positive experience and proved helpful for eliminating muscle pain and straightening my spine and improving my flexibility.I was given exercises because this chiropractor is a qualified Physical Therapist and these exercises I do daily and were beneficial to my treatments.It would be nice to hear calming music while the electrostimulation on back/spine was happenning. All in All the experience was positive.