97.2% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Not only does Kirkwood Auto do a great job taking care of my car, their service advisors always take lots of time to explain to me what they've done, what they've found and what I need to look out for. I trust them and never feel like they are trying to 'sell' me more work.

5 stars Verified customer

Service workmanship and price were Excellent!

5 stars Verified customer

Once again, superb service. I have been using Kirkwood Auto for 30+ years, and they never fail to disappoint me.

5 stars Verified customer

Scheduling routine maintenance is easy and the wait times are short. I appreciate being advised of other issues that may come up during the routine servicing.

5 stars Verified customer

Honest, reliable, friendly, professional, dead on time. I fully trust their judgement. If they say something needs to be fixed or changed on my car, I know it really needs to be fixed and it's not just some money-making scheme.

Often, they even tell me how much longer I can get by before something needs fixing (for example breaks). This way I got another whole year out of breaks that were "running low" last year.

I would never want to go anywhere else. My cars have a combined age of 33 years. I can just picture what would happen if I dropped them off at another garage that does not have Kirkwood Auto's work ethics. I would walk out with a $1000 list of so-called "repair recommendations". I mean it's a classic, right: Take a 19 year old car to the repair shop, and they will go to town....

Not at Kirkwood Auto.

Just had my car inspected. It "needs" absolutely nothing. So I paid for my oil change and walked away. That's what I call honesty.

5 stars Verified customer

With only power to half the building, my car was repaired in record time and we didn't have an appointment.

Thank you.

5 stars Verified customer

A very pleasant visit and transaction. Staff was most courteous, professional and kept me informed. Will do business with you again.

4 stars Verified customer

Very satisfied with the all aspects of my visit to your shop, from 1st phone call

to car pickup. I hope the tires themselves

deliver the same results.

Waiving the fee for a qt of oil you added prior to my phone call, where I declined the

oil (unaware it was already in)was also a

nice surprise.

5 stars Verified customer

Thanks again for the fast service Kirkwood Auto.

And for your commitment to honest and friendly service.

You have been able to repair my truck as where the dealer could not ! and wanted to charge me for repairs that that were not needed. So I thank you.

Terry McBride

4 stars Verified customer

Thanks for fixing it quickly on such short notice