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3 stars Customer since 2007

It broke my hearth to know that no one had contacted my dog's veterinarian the day after I took her for emergency care. After numerous calls finally was able to speak to at veterinarian at Knowles. Obviously there is a big communication gap between receptionists, emergency vet and regular hour veterinarians.

I took my dog to her vet and had to put her down the next day.

5 stars Customer since 2013

My dog I guess licked a toad and ended up having a seizure. It was the most scariest and unpleasant experience of my life. I ran him to Knowles Clinic where, Dr. Abraham was amazing. She is true caring veterinarian whom expresses her love and compassion for animals. She is a huge asset to the clinic.

5 stars Customer since 2008

The staff is very caring and are extremely gentle with the pets.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Dr.Pereira, Vredra med tech, jackie P Kurzban, and other staff were wonderful. I came in last Wed and Thursday with my new Cattle Dog Zaan and everyone was awesome. Everytime i have to make contact with the clinic or staff I try to make sure I do the evals. Excellent service. The other Dr. That saw Zaan Thursday was wonderful as well .Dr E Abraham. Desk personnel are always helpful, polite, courteous and eager to help. Thank You all

1 stars Customer since 2010

My beloved Pug " Romeo" lived to be 14years and 22 days old. I was determined to get him the best vetamary medical care as well as constant.love and care at home. I changed from a vetamerian I had been going to for years. That clinic was good but I wanted great care and a doctor that could see out of the box. The doctor that became Romeo and my shining star and hero was Dr. Wise. His incredible medical knowledge mixed with basic home remedies ,and a few experimental cures, Dr.Wise absolutely extended the life and quality of life for Romeo. I am beyond appreciative of Dr Wise and all of the loving staff at Knowles.

5 stars Customer since 2013

I'm very pleased with our first visit to Knowles. The staff was friendly, helpful and informative. You take Care Credit (a huge relief). I love that it's a 24 hour facility (especially good for Princess, our 13 year old min pin), and you are closer to us than our other clinic. Dr. Pereira was very thorough in her assessment of Princess' xray results and general evaluation. She's terrific! And finally, I love that Dr. Sargeant is a part of your team. We've seen her at Tropical Park where her knowledge of alternative therapies first drew me to seek her services. Since then, I've sought herbal remedies for Princess' various ailments, and I've been very pleased with the results - generally good results with no side effects and cost effective. I'm very happy that your team is open to exploring alternative therapies; something I've found that some of the veterinarians in the North Miami area are not open to nor interested in learning about - which is a real shame.

5 stars Customer since 1999

Excellent veterinary service. Dr. Wise is truly the best in town. Great dental work. Wish my dentist was as good!

5 stars Customer since 1996

This is the best place to take ur pet in miami... The vets are excellent; I used pereira and Abraham; however the test are excellent ad well.. I been using Knoles for over 20 yrs..

5 stars Customer since 2013

Your gonna get great techs and doctors and great medical treatment. 24 hours

4 stars Customer since 2013

After my small, 5 lb, 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier consumed approximately 3 oz of dark chocolate containing toxic dried currants, vomiting all over the place, becoming agitated, and just not being herself... I became concerned. She wouldn't stop vomiting so I started to look online for advice until was completely convinced that she was definitely going to need a vet. Unfortunately by the time that happened, her primary care veterinarian was closed. Their automatic voice mail that they had provided me with the number and address to this 24/7 emergency clinic. The minute we got there, we were immediately attended to. From her first day there til the day we took her back home, I had very good service. I had regular calls from the two veterinarians taking care of her, I was welcomed to visit and call all I wanted at anytime I wanted to... and she got very good care. They even put up with her crazy nature (she has terrible separating anxiety)! Why the 4 stars and not 5? Well, money really. For her two days of hospitalization, I paid close to $900.00. Was it worth it? I'd say it was. She's alive, and doing well considering that chocolate bar should have been her demise. Would I go back? Yes, if it was another emergency situation where her primary care veterinarian was not available. All in all I am very grateful for their team of people working at Knowles Animal Clicinic.