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Patti Krueger

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Asha SalonSpa Evanston

5 stars 1213 reviews

I have been coming here for massages for years, sadly after yesterday I"m considering finding a new place. I always get the triple moisture massage and usually leave feeling relaxed, well moisturized, and happy. Yesterday I left feeling tense, annoyed, and like I'd just waisted a bunch of money and time on nothing. The lady working on me began by massaging the blanket rather then pulling it back so obviously no moisturizing their and with no actual physical contact not much relaxation. When she finally pulled the blanket back and actually began massaging me it was completely uncomfortable and not relaxing or even enjoyable. She varied from so much pressure that it hurt to so light that it either tickled or felt more like stroking the massaging. Either they've changed the triple moisture massage or she didn't know what she was doing because this was like no massage I've had before. At several points she actually lifted one of my limbs and shook it. Then at the end she told me to sit down in the chair in the corner and rather then asking me told me she was going to show me some exercises that she wanted me to start doing. Excuse me? I did not come here for an exercise class I came here to relax and by then I was anything but. I got out of their as fast as I could. That was such a waist of time and money. I'm probably going to keep going for my nails and hair but I think I'll find some place else for a massage.
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