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I wish I could leave a better review, but I think people should know this Vet Hospital lacks major attention to detail.

My dog was getting neutered and on the day of his surgery, while checking him in over the phone, the vet tech asked if everything on the quote we were provided looked fine (in terms of surgery, microchipping, medicine, etc.) I said that it does but that he does NOT need the complementary nail trim as he just got his nails tripped 4 days earlier. The vet tech said “great, I’ll make a note of that.” I dropped off my dog, signed the quote, and we were off.

We finally got a call at around 2PM from the vet that said the surgery was successful and that our dog was waking up just fine from the anesthesia. I had the phone call on speaker so my husband could hear as well. We both were relieved to hear that everything was fine. Then, the vet proceed to tell us that they also clipped his nails and cleaned his ears. I asked her about the nails and explained that I told the vet tech just this morning that he didn’t need them done. She put me on hold and when she came back, she said that the vet tech “assumed” I meant it was fine to cut them and I was “just informing them.” She knew very well that was not our conversation.

That was when I got very upset because A) now had words put in my mouth and B) was not listened to. When I told the vet that was not true she dismissed my feelings because she was more concerned that the surgery went well rather than nails getting clipped. I then asked why they cut them, couldn’t they see they were short enough? Did you hit the quick on any of them? To which I was put back on hold. After a few minutes, the vet came back and confirmed that a couple quicks had been hit.

The vet hospital needs some customer service trainings and really double down on their attention to detail. My dog was already stressed enough from the surgery and to add to it, now had several nails hurting him. Days after his surgery he’s not even going towards his stitches, but keeps licking his paws/nails where they were cut too short.

The vet did a great job on the surgery, but that is the only positive and additional star I can provide.

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Great service! They are genuine and love animals!

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We have enjoyed the care our dogs have received. We love Dr Fix

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The people were professional / very nice / knowledgeable.

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Dr. and staff are very attentive and devoted to providing good and excellent care.

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Very satisfied with the medical staff and office staff.

My dog was there for bloodwork. The check-in by the

tech and procedure were quick.

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Superior service. The office really cares about their patients.

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Excellent staff

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Dr Landy was thorough, compassionate and invested in my pets health.

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great staff was able to get my dog in for a checkup right away. the doctor and tech. wear very good with explanation making me feel at ease.