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My first visit was due to an emergency situation. I needed a root canal and had no current dentist. I entered the building and stopped at the first dentist's office in the hallway. They, very kindly, escorted me upstairs to the offices of Miller, etc. I was greeted with sympathy and emergency service - quickly! After an x-ray and a charge of $168, I was referred to a nearby specialist who took excellent care of me relieving the pain and treating the infected tooth.

After healing from the emergency, I returned to Miller, etc. to be examined and a full set of x-rays taken. I am nearly 70 years old and with many years of dental work due to no fluoride during my youth, many fillings, root canals, bridges, plus crowns already exist. Unfortunately I am currently missing 5 teeth randomly around inside where I need to chew! Had a plate made earlier this year but it is not only uncomfortable but comes out when I try to chew!! Bottom line is I am looking into really fixing my teeth. I want implants where I can get them and am looking for the way to better teeth for the rest of my life. Dr Nathan Simarro was polite and informative as to my options. I will seek a second opinion before I figure out how to pay for the expensive repairs but am finding that the implant prices have come down and they are a possible option. I look forward to the price and 10% Senior discount offered by Dr Simarro, to help me achieve true enjoyment of eating again!!! It is a struggle being a senior with aging teeth. They are apparently not part of our medical needs and like hearing and vision are not included in Medicare coverage for our aging families. Those of us too old to work have no chance at employers insurances to help with the expense, badly need dentists like this!!! Thank you.

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Great experience

5 stars Verified customer

Very professional and kind service. Warm staff. You naturally expect Dental visits to be an anxiety filled experience, but this office really does wonders

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Thank You Dr. Mark.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Thank you so very much for helping me find the expertise I needed yesterday. A root canal was needed and done!

I will return to find out what can be done for my poor mouth and teeth at this late date in my life. Very difficult aging and dealing with the pain and expense of trying to keep up with it. Teeth seem to crumble and chewing becomes an ordeal instead of a pleasure like it once was!

I look forward to working with you, if possible, to get my teeth at least some functionality again. A plate was made for my mouth but I can't use it due to the fit. Been back to Western Dental 4 times to have it adjusted but now it sits in a box. Comes out and becomes what I'm chewing along with my food. Horrible!

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Good professional care

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The staff is always friendly. I love how the Dentists keep up with the latest technology.

5 stars Customer since 2000

Every time I go to the dentist it is a very pleasant experience. I don't like dentists, but since I've been going to Dr. Miller it's no big deal. The staff is great and cares about your teeth.

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Dr Miller and his staff are always excellent. Thank you for providing outstanding care to our family for almost 30 years.

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Pain Free and Friendly