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We had to have our hot water heater replaced because it was defective. Dennis is great, but upon reviewing the bill I stated that there was a mistake on the "warranty". We had to have this heater which was under warranty replaced because it was defective - -we had to pay full labor costs - -yet the new heater carried a partial prorated warranty of the original. THAT IS NOT RIGHT NOR FAIR! Why should the nuisance & expense be the burden of your customers due to a bad product. The replacement heater is new and should carry a full new warranty. IF THAT MANUFACTURER WON'T WARRANTY A NEW PRODUCT WITH FULL WARRANTY, THEN YOU SHOULD FIND A NEW SUPPLIER.

McIntyre Plumbing Inc replied:

I agree. We have been fighting this problem with the water heater manufactures for as long as I can remember. Every water heater manufacture as the same warranty policy. It's the same on just about every thing, faucets, disposals, sinks, circulating pumps and so on. The explanation that was given to me from the manufacture was that in the past people would intentionally make the product fail right before the warranty ran out, so you could get a new product every 5 or 6 years. So the manufacture came up with this policy to keep people from do that.

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Alas for me the problem is in an appliance (the refrigerator), however the McIntyre technician went over the appliance thoroughly and showed me where the problem is located (leak in the water/ice line). We have now scheduled the appliance company to come out but it will be another week before they can get around to us.

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McIntyre's Plumbing is reliable and when they say they will be there at a certain they are. The workers are always professional and gets the job done!!!!

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Thank you for your interest. The service was fast in response and excellent in results. Fred

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Mr. Dennis is the best and nicest plumber I know. He did an excellent job.

I was unable to download my envoice. Please mail a copy to me.

I think your rates are EXORBITANT!!!!!

Peggy Wilson

1701 Pineview Ln

Hideaway, TX 75771

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There was only one little problem to repair (a leak) but in my heart I knew there were two (water running). Thank you for repairing both and at a reasonable fee. This is why you are our plumbing company.

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The work is first rate. However, at lease on two occasions the service personnel have not had the right part and have had to go Coburn's or elsewhere to get the part. Of course, I'm sure this is billable time. It seems to me that McIntyre Plumbing should be able to carry some of the more common replacement parts on their truck, such as hoses, etc.