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I had bad experiences in the past .with long wait times sometimes over 2 hours and recipients not being polite has easy a hello and goodbye. .And maybe play CNN ON tv and have bottled water and WiFi would be even a top star .

On a better note I have been very happy with my doctor Jason Kim so my experience is better with him on the team .

Thanks Metropolitan

1 stars Customer since 2017

Worst place ever. They wanted to charge me 200 dollars for a deep cleaning and when I decided to go to a different dental office, they did no charged me that amount. They dis not charged me copay or anything and here they did.

1 stars Customer since 2008

Here is my review.

On May 25, 2011, I was brutally disfigured by Dennis Palladino and Stephen Groman. Unable to repair their damages, they broke my tooth left me permanently disabled. For nearly 5 years, i fougth in court renetlessly (and heroically) with their vicious coward medical malpractice lawyers but gracefully lost my lawsuit in a very corrupt and disfunctional NYS civil court.

I have paid nealy $5000 to repair the damages and continue to do so today.

You want to hear more details

Contact me at rsa212@yahoo.com

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All specialty areas are in one office. The staff are very friendly. I went with my ten year old and eleven year old children. We all had x-rays, cleanings and check-ups. Best cleaning I ever had! And my kids felt great the whole time. This is definitely our dental home. I see many complaints of long wait times. We went late morning on a Saturday and there were only about six people in the waiting room and we waited about 15 minutes. Pretty standard.

1 stars Customer since 2016

I WENT TO METROPOLITAN DENTAL ASSOCIATES FOR A TOOTH extraction....i was under anesthesia did not feel anything. ...next day my front tooth is chipped.

Called MDA .... they denied everything..even went in and the dentist said that he didn't do it.


1 stars Verified customer

Terrible Service - wait, wait, wait - give up and leave

1 stars Customer since 2017

I'm sadly disappointed..

When I first came here I thought "oh everything all in one building" GREAT, abundance of dentists/doctors..GREAT....HOWEVER

-Staff is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL on SOOOOO many levels; fraternizing with their co-workers, half the staff acts as if they slept with each other at one point or another. They rush you without being accurate. If you EVER pay out of pocket KEEP your RECEIPTS!! There's so much miscommunication there that they don't know who does what and when. I had to prove by taking a photo of a receipt that was over months ago from the date of service. If it wasn't a hefty price I probably would have already threw it away!

- The DENTISTS are probably even more horrible than staff because their in your mouth! I've had several bad experiences with the general dentists there. There's a tall black woman who's very pleasant but is a BUTCHER in your mouth. She didn't even put the crown on properly and caused a significant amount of pain fitting the crown on! I never cried in so long from the dentist.

There's also a short white chubby dentist who has a NASTY attitude and doesn't properly check your records nor does she have any quality patient skills. Normally a dentist when examining your teeth and gums is supposed to put any food scrapings on your bib. She had the nerve to tell me, EAT THAT!. NEVER GO TO GENERAL DENTISTRY!!!! The other specialty clinics such as Endo are by FAR the only PLEASANT RESPECTFUL and COURTEOUS office in the entire clinic.

You want extreme hours to be called for an extraction!

1 stars Customer since 2015

I wouldn't give you one start. Poor management good staff. Terrible service by management. I don't think waiting two -four hours for a appointment they scheduled for me is reasonable. Stop wasting people's time.

Check your statements they also charge for services never rendered.

1 stars Customer since 2014

I had a 1pm appointment acheduled and wasn't seen until 2:30pm. When I asked the front desk about when I would be seen they said they had misplaced my file. The room conditions were unclean including holes and stains in the ceiling. The dental equipment also did not look clean. The dentist has to request another set of equipment. The dentist then had to move me mid-appointment to another room because the equipment he needed was not working. This is a joke of a establishment and will be reported to NYC health and safety for inspection. I will never come back for a appointment here.

1 stars Customer since 2015

The worst service I had ever encountered! I would give them zero stars if I could. I spent over 2 hours in the office, 30+ minutes in a chair and I still didn't see the doctor or the hygienist. I was assured every 20 minutes that someone was coming in just a minute and yet I ended up walking out incredibly frustrated. The front desk staff was blaming the hygienist, those were blaming the front desk staff. It was a disaster, to say the least.

Save your time and energy and don't go here.