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In Sept. 2012, I became concerned about what was going on at this office. I had a crown done and Dr. Johnson did not have an assistant. He said Karla was coming in to assist for one part of it. Otherwise no explanation was given. When I went in for the second crown appointment there was still no assistant. Then I became concerned. When Karla disappeared, I decided to leave. I started with Tyrol Clinic 45 years ago and went with Dr. Johnson when Dr. Eifert retired. I am disappointed to see how this has ended.

1 stars Verified customer

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. My bailed on my husband mid-crown in February when you closed your office without telling anyone and you still haven't turned off you auto-reminders!! I just got another one today since we have 4 people in our family that used to see you. I figure that since you always get people to make their next appointment before they leave that there will be people showing up in August for their appointments since you never notified any of us that you were closing and your reminders for appointments and future scheduling are still going out. There is no reason for this - use your auto e-mail to send everyone a message that you are closing! Even if you don't want to go into detail why (I am assuming it is over money based on all the cuts you made beforehand), you could just send one line saying "We are closed. Find a new dentist." How ridiculous!!

1 stars

Come on Doc, get back in the game at least to let your loyal patients get there records

1 stars Customer since 2003

I can't believe that Dr. Johnson would leave his clients high and dry. Yes, left the business without informing his clients and access to our records is null and void. Are you kidding me!!!

1 stars Customer since 2000

Sending this request for an appointment - are you kidding? To all patients - find another dentist, now! The office is closed - there's a sheriff's poster on the door and the phone is now disconnected and no longer in service and when the phone did work - the mailbox was always full. This mysterious behavior is totally unacceptable and un-professional. I only hope there is a reasonable excuse for these past 4 months of no contact. I'm glad he's not a surgeon and was in the middle of a surgery. I'm extremely disappointed.

1 stars

Even a notification postcard or a free email would have worked. I showed up last week and now I find out today on this site that it's been going on for months. Yes the darn computer still sends reminders. I went to Dr J even though he wasn't a provider with my dental insurance. I believe in paying extra for the quality I'd received. I had been with his practice since Tyrol Dental and I started there in 1970 before he joined. This is a bad way to finish a carreer. Looks like I send the complaint forms like everyone else.

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My family & I have been patients at Dr. Johnson's office for over 10 years. I noticed things going downhill after his divorce & especially after Karla left, so I decided to find a new dentist in February of 2013. I stopped by Dr. Johnson's office on February 6th, 2013 to drop off a patient record transfer request & to possibly just pick up our patient records. Dr. Johnson told me that he has to make copies of all the records first & then he would mail them to my new dentist. I could kick myself for not waiting for him to make the copies. I wish he would have been a decent human being. ALL I WANT ARE MY PATIENT RECORDS - especially the ones of my children!!! How can Dr. Johnson be such a crook???

I filed a complaint with the MN Board of Dentistry & I received a letter saying that his practice has been closed (we know that by now) & they are hoping "that Dr.Johnson will become involved in arrangements for patients to access their records. Until such time, you may wish to contact an attorney or the local sheriff regarding your dental records" Well, that does not sound very promising....

Thanks, Dr. Johnson for treating your former loyal patients like crap!!!

3 stars

Dr. Johnson - We hope you are okay. You are an outstanding dentist but have left your patients in a very difficult situation. We need your help. Please have an advocate or associate get in touch with your patients and let us know if you have decided to close your practice and how we can get our dental records.

The Redmonds

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Click here to go to MN Board of Dentistry. File a complaint and get help obtaining patient records. MNBD works with MN Attorney General.

Dr. Johnson appears to have left his practice. It's a shame, as he gave my family great dental care. While we are worried about him, it is not right to leave his patients in this predicament.

1 stars


Click to go to the MN Board of Dentistry to file a formal complaint and get help in obtaining your patient records. Dr. Johnson provided excellent dental care for my family. However, it appears that he has abandoned his practice. While I am concerned for him, it is not right to leave his patients in limbo.