100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2011

Kenny and Tammy did an excellent job on my 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. It had many issues wrong with it, which is to be expected of this soon to be a classic car with many hard to find parts in a timely manor. Some of the problems were covered under a warranty I purchased for the car and they took care of all the paperwork involved with it as well, releiving me of a big headache. Their work was so good that I'm having them work on my other 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC and my Classic 1969 Plymouth Fury III.

This isn't the first time I've done business with them. I've been bringing my other cars too them over the years and have always been pleased with their services.

Whether you have a new car or older ones like mine, I highly recommend you bring it too Morrison Automotive so you can have it repaired right.

4 stars Customer since 2014

Was quick, easy and helpful..."service engine soon" code came on and it was explained clearly to me and it was taken care of in a very reasonable amount of time.

3 stars Customer since 2014

Wish someone would have called to update me on my car so I didn't have to keep checking on, was without a car for about 5 days .

5 stars Customer since 2006

We are still working to correct the problem. Thanks for your persistence. Hopefully, the mystery will be solved soon.

5 stars Customer since 2014

You all are great! I live close by the shop and called around 4:30pm, not even thinking I would be able to get fit in for a oil change before you all closed at 6:00, but figured I would try anyway. Not only did you fit me in, but I was still in and out of the door before 5:30! I really appreciate it. Everyone is so friendly and personable! Thanks again!

5 stars Customer since 1998

The staff always provides excellent customer service!

5 stars Customer since 2014

Genuine, and Straight forward explanation of repairs and issues pertaining to my VW. Repairs have been consistently completed in a reasonable amount of time. And it seems they can do basically do anything that the vw dealership can, for a much lower rate.

4 stars Verified customer

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I waited for my vehicle and witnessed other customers get quality care.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Very pleased with the service I received and the timeframe it took. No long wait or come back later to pickup, a pleasant surprise. Love the new building, clean and attractive waiting area. Also, the cost was more reasonable than expected.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Awesome experience with Morrison Automotive. I am a person who repairs my vehicles myself when I have the time and tools to do so. So when my 2007 Silverado 6.6L Diesel had a lot of electrical problems and I didn't have the computer to program the new modules Morrison was the only shop in the Charleston, SC area that I found that would program the ABS module and Airbag module that I ordered online and brought to them.

Electrical Problem Synopsis:

I had an ABS light, Emergency Brake light, Service Trailer Braking System message, Service Airbag System message, Check Engine Light, and my DIC port for scan tools had no power.

I was personally able to get the Check Engine Light to go off by replacing all my bad Glow plugs which I new 3 were bad from testing with a Multimeter. I found a bad fuse that was causing the no power to the DIC port. (Not before accidently pulling one of the two Airbag fuses that set the code for servicing the air bag system because of low voltage detected) I was told when I got new tires a couple of months earlier that I needed a new wheel bearing on the driver side because they could not get it to align very easy and that the hub had some of play. Figuring this was why my ABS system lights were on because of a wheel speed sensor error which I have seen a previous vehicles in the past as well and the truck was due for new Upper, Lower ball joints, Outer tie rods, I replaced all of them myself as well as the Wheel bearing hub assemblies. This did not fix ABS so I tried scanning with a Scan tool for ABS now that my DIC port was working and had a failure to communicate with ABS module error. I then had to take it to the Dealer (I hate going to the overpriced dealer) for a diagnosis. The dealer took 7 hours to diagnose a bad ABS module and bad Airbag module (Airbag module was my fault). They quoted me $498 for ABS and $710 for the Airbag module. I saved $900 by ordering an ABS module online and having my Airbag module reset by Myairbags.com and then taking them to Morrison to program the modules back to the Body Control Module on my truck by their Tech 2 computer. Had a slight hiccup while programming the Airbag module which Morrison was able to troubleshoot and find a male and female wiring connection not connected at the firewall/bulkhead which was causing the module to not program. I believe this was done by the Chevy dealer when I originally took it to them to troubleshoot my electrical problems (I don't believe it was done purposely). Morrison said everything was good to go and I then drove the vehicle home and a mile from my house the ABS and Emergency brake light came on again with the monitor trailer braking service message error on the DIC as well. Talked to Kenny Morrison and brought it back in they scanned and found a the front right and left wheel speed sensor errors. Kenny Morrison did some research and found that the 2007 Chevys' made an Old and New body style during the same year. Depending on the body style the newer ones take the Hall Effect type wheel sensor and the older body style takes the older AC version wheel speed sensor. So I then went to O'reilly's and found that they did indeed give me the wrong Hub assemblies with the old style wheel speed sensors in them. Once O'reilly's swapped that Hub assemblies and ate the price difference in the newer ones ($140 more per hub) all the truck problems are fixed!! I would have never found the wheel speed sensor problem had it not been for Morrison taking the extra time to research my Model history of the truck. I have no problem taking my vehicles back to him should I not be able to fix the problem myself.