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Immaculate and professional

5 stars Customer since 2009

In addition to consistent level of cleaning, reliability of your service is what makes it so exceptional. That is, American Maids communicates timing of appointments exceptionally well and always shows up within 15-30 mins of the scheduled time. Also, I wanted to send a specific review for Mariana and Christine (sp?). I've been using your service since 2005 and I've never had such a great cleaning as they provided recently. In general your quality is above par but they really excelled.

4 stars Verified customer

Although I will use American Maids again, I asked for a deep cleaning and it was half way done. Also, when cleaning, they would move items and not put them back where they originally were. Other than that they did a very nice job.

3 stars Customer since 2014

I'm extremely particular about cleaning my home and tried four companies before engaging American Maids on a weekly basis. I have to say, the quality of work was the same as the other companies... and American Maids is the most expensive! That's a bit disappointing.

4 stars Customer since 2010

Reliable, consistent service

3 stars Customer since 2014

Your service usually shows up on the scheduled date without any issues. The cleaning is average and not outstanding. We would not recomend your service to others due to the average nature of the service!

American Maids Inc replied:

We truly appreciate your feedback!

Please share with us what would make our service outstanding in cleaning the common areas of your building.

5 stars Verified customer

I have been using this cleaning company for over two years now. Always a great cleaning. If there is ever a problem, on the few times there has been, they make sure I am satisfied & address any issues. I would highly recommend. They are very professional.

American Maids Inc replied:

Thank you very much for your positive feedback! We truly appreciate your business and your time to give us kind words!

5 stars Verified customer

I have always found the ladies to be efficient, polite, and extremely professional.

American Maids Inc replied:

Thank you very much for your review! We are happy to hear that you are happy with the service!

3 stars Verified customer

American Maids offer you good service in time, but the maids are not trained well. I had a bad experience. A young maid did "Spot Clean Wall". She did not know how to clean a dry wall. She used water and spread the dirt all over the wall. Then she stop and left the messed up dirty wall to us. Later her supervisor came to re-clean but unable to fix it. We have to paint the wall to fix the problem.

American Maids Inc replied:

When wiping the walls, there is no much could be done. You have to keep in mind the quality of wall paint. Some marks on the walls can be fixed ONLY by repainting. It sounds like this was the case. We use "Magic Eraser" and water to clean marks off the walls. Shiny paints (satin or gloss) has better outcome, than flat paints. If the maid originally was not able top remove the spot, as well as supervisor-the problem was not the maid. The problem was the nature of the spot. The walls simply needed to be repainted to look better. The mistake on our side, that I see-is that we did not communicate to you properly and on time about this issue. But we also did not receive a complaint about the walls until 2 weeks after service was provided (even though our policy is 48 hours, and the customer was at the property after cleaning and accepted the job without any complaints). After we received a complaint (2 weeks after service), the supervisor went in and tried to clean the walls to customer satisfaction without any charge to customer

2 stars Verified customer

I did not like quality of cleaning from this team or any team you have sent that has performed deep cleaning. I have found that deep cleaning and regular cleaning are no different in the results.

The floors were not cleaned, only damp mopped leaving streaks when dried and dull finish, the time seemed to be spent more on rearranging things on the shelves and laughing and talking to each other rather than cleaning. I asked if they had cleaned under the living room furniture and I was told yes, but I looked under the sofa later and it had dirt and dust just under the front.

Whet do we do about this?

You have sent teams that have done a wonderful job, but then I get teams like this. I understand I am not a regular customer, but I pay for the same service.

American Maids Inc replied:

Can you please identify yourself? You can send a private message. This review is anonymous and we have no idea who is the customer. First, it will help us to look into teams we sent to your home and analyse the issues you mentioned. Also, we send feedback forms in the email after each cleaning. Please make sure you read and respond to them, so we can take care of any issues immediately. Thank you.