100.0% would refer friends and family to us

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Had a torque converter rebuild scheduled 2 weeks in advance. Arrived in the morning and was told it would be done at the end of the day or the next morning. 4 days later it was ready.

after 2 days Norfolk transmission offered to put in new converter for same quoted price to get the vehicle back in service.

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They did an excellent job

5 stars Customer since 2012

We liked that you showed us the problems while it was on the hoist. Thank You!

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Originally there was a question that was not only addressed professionally but NTM went above and beyond to make things right. Great work! Amazing people! The way a business should be ran, very honest and customer orientated. I will forever take my work to them and recommend to everyone NTM as the place to go! Thank you, NTM!

Norfolk Transmission & Muffler replied:

Hi Robert

You originally brought the car in thinking it was leaking out the front of the transmission. The transmission was very wet under the car, and to properly inspect it we had to clean and dry off the old fluid. Then road test the vehicle to check where the leaks were coming from. It happens that the leaks were from the pan gasket and speedometer seals, not from the front. I thought we were very careful in checking it out for you and not doing unneeded work. Sorry, it seems there was some lack of communication. I did not charge you for adjusting and setting up the throttle pressure, that if left undone would have burned up the transmission. The extra charge was for the heli-coils in the case for the pan bolts that had larger and stripped out bolts in them. I thought you were aware of that. I am sorry and would be happy to give a refund. We try very hard and I am very sorry for the lack of communication we had with you. It was not acceptable from my standpoint.

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Nice job and friendly staff

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Since I put in a title I guess Ill write here as well. They are a good outfit. Had a trany service done. Have had other work done there. Major work. They do a quality job. Im kinda cheap and prices seamed kinda expensive. Im going to change the rear end grease myself. The lube was higher than I thought, and you cant expect them to do something for nothing. They didn't like rewriting my bill so I could use my gift certificate that I won. I didn't mention it when I made the appointment, just mentioned it when I was writting the check. They didn't make a big deal about it, but it shouldn't of mattered IMHO.

They are a good place to work with. Know a lot of local mechanics that pull a tranny and send it there for them to work on when we have a shop 30 miles from our town.

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Good communication and customer courtesy. I havn't had a chance to drive the car much yet but the transmission seems to work really well. The staff is very professional and well trained. I have only two complaints: The exhaust was not tightened back up and was pretty badly scraped and bent. I believe this happened because it hangs so low it probably caught on the drive on hoist ramps. Not a big deal but being also a muffler shop makes me ask if that's the best they could do. The other thing is the problem with the fuel strainer. I believe someone had to have taken it apart and re-assembled it wrong because those kind have been around for years and it was running ok when I dropped it off. Again not a big deal but something to think about.

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Ron was great a keeping me informed as to what was wrong with the pickup. He did a great job at a very good price. I'll be glad to have him do all my transmissioa work.

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Thank guys for your prompt and efficient service on the old Van. You guys are great!

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Good to see there are still some honest people out there who work on cars. Even though I was having problems in the middle of a drive from Utah to ND, NTM didn't take advantage of me.