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5 stars Customer since 2017

My two cats are loved as much as my two sons are and I cant say enough about the extra help and compassionate care that the doctor and his wife have given me at the clinic. They take the extra time and special care required for the best recovery and health of my extended little family. I would be devestated if something happened to one of my babies and when they are in the care of this clinic I can be rest assured they are cared for with the upmost care and affection.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Whenever I have been into this clinic I have had great service. Everything from using the Boarding to Surgery. We have also used the Feeding Program. I have my 2 Dogs with Dr Bath one which has a Skin Condition - which with care and food we are able to control. The other had a weight issue once she was put on a proper food we able to drop and maintain her weight. My family also sees Dr Bath their dog had a internal issue which came on over night (that we were able to see) she had the issue for a long time. Rushed to Dr Bath - he kept her for 2

weeks found the issue and medicine to control - with a change of food diet and again she is home with her family playful and happy. Needless to say we have had sadness with Dr Bath our cat was old and ill at the point where we needed to decide - we choose to let her sleep. The

kindness and care - before letting us know what would happen to after

she left us - was only what I would expect from him.

5 stars Verified customer

Amazing staff and Dr. Bath is wonderful!! We have 2 cats and a dog that are patients and we are very satisfied with the care that they receive.

5 stars Customer since 2014

We have been going to Dr Bath for many years. We have all our pets there from Grandma, ours and son.

We are never rushed through exams and any questions asked are answered. My experience with Dr Bath is very satisfactory.

We use his food program for all or pets (7 bags next bag is free). We just needed to supply brand name etc. if he doesn't carry it - He then did a search and if able will/does order in for us.

We have had the sadness of having to have a pet put to sleep with care and kindness! The discussion of what would happen before-during-and till the end was described with care!

We have used their boarding for holidays weeks at a time for our cat and dogs I would do it again-they came home happy and we felt a comfort knowing they were safe and in good hands if they needed anything!

We use their dental program for our dogs. I can say with their yearly exam so far - they have had good check ups(9 and 13 years) I believe only 1 tooth had to come out. Everything else was good.

We have had some emergency issues with lucky-for us good outcome. She was hospitalized-she then had tests and was put on medication. When she came home she did to have some follow up blood tests to compare. At the point when she was allowed to come home she was put on a food regiment with no junk food (history of past homes), she came home happy and playful to this day - as Dr Bath told us she will never be back to 100% due to the issues she has -but with her special food and a medication recommended by Dr Bath she will have a good quality of life in our family.

We have had a obesity issue which was solved with food recommended by Dr Bath it took time but the weight came off and to this day has stayed off. Her history (our little girl since she was a puppy) was always on a very good quality food bought at a very reputable company-with only green vegetables. She was down to a 1/4 cup of food am/pm and exercise - was still not losing - in fact was gaining. We were at a loss she had to eat and nothing we tried from that store was working - no food was able to shed her weight- also her waste was huge for food intake. The food Dr Bath recommended worked she now gets a 1/2cup am/pm and is down to her appropriate weight.

Our last issue was years of yeast and skin issues. After many bouts (smell, horrible skin rashes, itch) and worry she is now let's say free of any bouts and the few flare ups we do have where we need a little help we have only to get down to Dr Bath get some medication and it soon is soon in recovery and she is back to normal for her. We also have her on a strict food regiment.

As stated above and you must see our girls are very important to us.

I must say with no reservation I am very happy we found Dr Baths clinic.

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