96.7% would refer friends and family to us

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All the doctor's I've met have been wonderful, the technician staff is compassionate and warm. I love this clinic and so do my pets!

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We always have to wait for far too long in the exam rooms. And when Ziggy went in at 7:30am for his teeth cleaning, he did not get released until 7:00pm. We may be looking for a new vet.

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very caring

5 stars Verified customer

Our new dog had a good first visit. He loved all the attention and treats that were given to him. The doctor and tech were caring and took time to listen and answer all of our questions.

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I went to the La Canada facility yesterday (as I have in the past), not the Ina Road location.

I REALLY like the doctor that I had yesterday (Dr. Collins).

I do wish the rooms were a little bit larger. I find the room to be too confining and I think it creates a lot of stress in my dog. I know I don't feel comfortable in there and with the table and the other counter it is overwhelming. This has always been an issue for me.

Costs are something of an issue for me too, to be sure. I know this clinic has the "Pet Rewards" program, but I think it would be far more conducive, if PERHAPS less profitable for the clinic, if prices were somewhat more affordable and immediate. Let's face it, "Pet Insurance" is a scam and more reasonable costs for all would benefit pet health and the overall general well-being of society too.

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Wonderful caring knowledgeable staff!

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Caring and Friendly Staff & Doctors

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I took my older dog in with several concerns every one was so nice and helpful all my questions where ansewred the doctor spent a lot of time going over all options I left relieved my dog felt a lot better the next day and I did to I appreciate the time and expertice great ecperience I will be back

5 stars Customer since 2013

All of the staff are kind and friendly. The veterinarians are thoughtful and informative when you are needing to make decisions for care. Dr Ash and Dr Jackson have always provided excellent care!

1 stars Customer since 2016

Our dog, Indie continued to be very lethargic starting on Saturday morning and wouldn't get up on Sunday morning 3/6/16 and so my husband brought her to the Ina Road clinic for an 11:30a appointment. Dr. Ash did an quick exam and finding nothing wrong took urine and blood samples to send to the lab. She said she would call with results. I called on Tuesday and was told the results were not back and by Wednesday morning by noon time with no call I called the clinic again and was told the same thing. This was very disturbing because if our dog was still in the same or worse condition, this was too long for any diagnosis. I find this to be very poor service and our former vet in California would have at least called us by this time to ask about our dog and to give us an update, whether the results were back or not. We finally received a call this afternoon (Wednesday) saying the results showed everything was O.K. Our dog, in the meantime and by the way, is back to her normal self. This veterinarian seems very high priced for such little concern and we will not go back there in the future.