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1 stars Verified customer

After 20+ years at Crystal Springs Dental (AKA Thrasher's Corner Dental) our family of 5 is leaving! Why? Because we have finally gotten tired of the lack of loyalty to their customers over the almighty dollar! Over the years there have been many instances where they have consistently charged over and above what the insurance company would cover, thus leaving us with higher and higher out of pocket expenses. Now, you might say, this is happening everywhere. Maybe. But let me tell you about the straw that broke the camels back! My 10 yr old daughter had a loose tooth that would not come out, and had been causing her a great deal of pain for some time. While in for her routine cleaning, I told Dr. Kashiwa about it. She said that the tooth was most likely almost or completely out, but wedged between the other teeth, and just needed a strong arm to pull it - and she would be happy to do so. I asked her (now being savvy about these things) how much that would cost me. She said, "Oh, no more than $25-$30 more than your insurance would cover." I then asked the technician to double check this on the computer (because, as I've said, I've gotten savvy about these things). The technician went away, came back and said,"Yup, $30." Ok, I said, go ahead with pulling the loose tooth. I'd rather you do it than go home and cause my daughter more pain with my fighting over it - for $30! So, she twisted, and pulled, and the tooth popped out - in about 5 seconds flat! It turned out to have been completely detached at the root, and just wedged in-between the other teeth, as expected. I paid the $30 on the spot.

Low and behold, much to my surprise, I get a bill charging about $200 for the tooth "extraction". My insurance paid $100, leaving me with a $93 bill! And, since I'd already paid $30, I now owed the Dentists ANOTHER $63!!! That's THREE TIMES more OUT OF POCKET than they told me. When I respectfully told the accountant that the dentist had quoted me another price, she all but called me a liar - telling me that the dentists and technicians NEVER quote prices to the patients. In fact, they weren't allowed to. Well, I asked her to check with Dr. Kashiwa, feeling sure that Dr. Patti would back me up (after all, we had a 20 year relationship built on mutual respect and trust). Instead, Dr. Patti back-peddled and said (according to the accountant) that she didn't remember quoting me a price of $30, or much about the conversation at all. I was shocked. Then, the accountant said that I had signed an agreement stating that I would pay whatever they charged, without disputing the charges, so I was obligated to pay. I finally gave up, saying that I thought this was very wrong, but that I would pay. I also asked the accountant to let Dr. Kashiwa know that we would be leaving her practice, unless she would like to reach out to us and discuss this issue further with us. But, we did not want to leave without a chance to discuss it with her personally.

FYI, I mentioned the $93 price to my 10 yr old daughter (who only seems to deal in absolutes). She was visibly shaken that someone she respected and looked up to would not be completely honest. Her response, "But she said $30, mom." Up to that my point I had been starting to doubt myself. After that, I realized, it might be time to take my family elsewhere for our dental needs; somewhere that integrity, loyalty and honesty are prized about money and the bottom line.

To this date, we have not heard from Dr. Patti, even after letting then know that we will be ordering our dental records to send to another clinic. This saddens us. But I guess, for them, IT'S NOT PERSONAL, IT'S JUST BUSINESS!

5 stars Customer since 2002

Very good cleaning! Gentle yet thorough.:)

5 stars Customer since 1985

Awesome dentist and staff; always a pleasure to be at the office.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was super nice, welcoming and thorough.

5 stars Customer since 2009

The staff are very nice and welcoming.

5 stars Customer since 2013

The staff is so friendly and down to earth.

5 stars Customer since 1999

As always I am grateful to the wonderful staff for the great treatment I can count on with a visit to Patti's. Thank you for another comfortable visit to see my Hyginest and Dentist. You made my day! Pat

5 stars Customer since 2012

Good evening Dr. Kashiwa,

First of all, you and your team of professionals always deliver the best to me when it comes to customer service, and this is the number one reason why I love coming to your clinic. I've not found this level of customer service from a dental clinic, or for that matter, several businesses in a long time, and that is truly refreshing and comforting to me.

I know that if I ever have concerns or questions, I can express them to you or a member of your staff with the assurance that my concerns will be addressed in a professional manor, and my questions will answered in a way that brings peace of mind before and after my visits.

I would recommend Dr. Patti C. Kashiwa, D.D.S. Thrasher's Corner Family Dental to any of my family, friends, or colleague anytime.


Robert Cross

5 stars Customer since 2014

The staff was wonderful, the hygienist was so nice and Dr. Kashiwa was wonderful. Both my son and I went for first time appointments here and left very happy at the choice we had made.

5 stars Customer since 1997

Chiko had another nice visit and will see you again in July at your new location. The lady who cleaned her teeth drew a map of the new office. I think that was the lot that a business was at who advertised - "we honey do when your honey won't"! or something like that! Anyway, thanks for the continued great, friendly service. See you soon.