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Unprofessional and pushy when it comes to selling their products. I felt they were more concerned with selling their dog food then the actual care of my pet.

The staff cannot figure what is up or down. Multiple times I could hear the vet trying to explain simple things to her staff who were not understanding. They cannot seem to get it together. They forgot to ask me to sign the receipt so when I went back to sign it they misplaced it and gave it back to me with my discharge paperwork.

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The morning that my doggie swallowed a big piece of rawhide, I never thought I'd be able to say I was truely blessed !! That was when I found the emergency hospital PETSURG. From the receptionist to the tech and of course the doctor, everyone was so kind and very professional !

I plan to tell everyone I know with a fur baby all about Brooklyn's excellent care !!


5 stars Customer since 2020

The staff at ER4PETS took great care of our baby!

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The whole experience left much to be desired. The person who greeted us did not seem happy to help us. She spent the first twenty minutes taking our licenses, getting work information and contact information, including my husband, my son and myself, before even taking a look at the wound on our dog. Then instead of having the vet come to examine our dog, they took the dog to a back room, where it appears a veterinarian took a look at him. In the mean time they left us in this tiny, smelly, filthy exam room to wait for results. The tiny exam room had filthy, smelly blankets that had seen better days on a bench and on the exam table. There was a dog floor diaper on the exam table that appeared dirty as if it had been used all day and never replaced. Most of the exam area was taken over by a large computer screen where they projected the cost estimates, there was also a laptop and a credit card reader. It seemed odd to us that those items were so prominent in the room. It was obvious that payment for services was the priority. Soon after the Vet walked in to tell us about her findings. She gave us a quick rundown of our options and asked us our budget. We had no idea what to expect and to be asked what our budget was seemed like a car salesman pitch. She gave us a low and a high budget options. But emphasized how much better the higher priced option was, but that it was up to us. We asked to see both written estimates, to which she seemed annoyed. She told the attendant that had checked us in to show us both on the screen. Of course, she opted to show us the breakdown of the higher one first, she explained it to us, then somehow figured we were done. She looked at us with a blank stare, so we asked to see the lesser option. She again asked us, incredulously or perhaps rhetorically, if we wanted to see the lesser option. Like she could not believe we wanted to see the cheaper option. Begrudgingly, she clinked around on the laptop and showed us the cheaper option., and explained it to us, obviously annoyed. Once we had made our selection, she quickly set up the consent forms and left the room. When the treatment was done, but before they brought our dog out, a new person proceeded to take our payment. She did not know how to take the payment through their computerized system and had to leave the room several times to ask for assistance. She kept apologizing and reassuring me that I would only get one charge on my card as she swiped my card several times and restarted the payment process a few times. This same person eventually brought our dog out with very minimal care instructions. She just gave us the meds and told us to how to give them to my dog. There was no explanation about wound care, what to look out for in the next few days. We had to ask and it felt like pulling teeth to get the information. The whole experience was less than satisfactory, dirty, dingy, shady and completely impersonal. Would not recommend this place, only as a very last resort.

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They did a great job, though it was very expensive.

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Awesome staff. Took the time to explain things and give an itemized list of care provided. My puppy is well again!

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Highly competent doctor and staff. Great service. Great follow-up.

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Dr Jones and her staff were helpful and informative. Our dog came in with pneumonia and I feel that Dr Jones saved his life. I will definitely refer friends to ER4pets. My dog Chewy is also really grateful for the care he received.

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The staff at ER4PEtS were very competent and kind. It felt calm and quiet there and they took very good care of our sick kitty who is now well on the mend.

Thank you!

Michelle & Ginger (kitty).

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I was so grateful to have Petsurg near while visiting in Rancho Bernardo. Doctor Jones and her staff were kind and professional. I didn't feel hurried and I appreciated their attentiveness. I would recommend them in an emergency as well as good whole-care vets. The follow up calls I have made have been returned in a courteous and timely fashion. I highly recommend them. Thank you Petsurg!



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As usual, the staff & Dr.Mojave were very friendly & accommodating. Just in for a cleaning & checkup which were done quickly and gently. Almost drifted off during the procedure, it was that well done!
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Rite Family Dental

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