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I hated this program. I told them in the beginning that I did not want to eat anything out of a box or pre packaged meals. My counselor told me that was completely feasible but then after their initial week of diet they switch you to a plan that requires these horrible salty protein soups or supplement bars. If you don't fit them into your diet then they force it on you and make you feel like a failure for not eating their expensive bouillon soups. I did lose some weight but I could have done the same counting calories on my own. This program is extremely expensive for what it is. They constantly harassed me after I left the program to rejoin. Now it's 4 years later and they are still asking me to come back. I kept the weight off without them.

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I was disappointed because I bought a groupon and then they told me to get an appetite suppressant, I would have to upgrade. So really the group on wasn't worth what I spent. It was misleading just to get me in there.

Physicians Weight Loss Center Baytown replied:

Periodically, we offer basic services to new patients at a reduced rate through online coupon sites to introduce them to our products and services. Our centers are dedicated to weight loss and medical nutrition therapy to treat or prevent complications associated with obesity. Our goal is to promote long term weight reduction and improvement in metabolic health. Only by spending time with you and getting to know you, can we fully evaluate the long term obstacles to help us provide solutions for your long term success. Services beyond those basic services provided in the coupon require a full evaluation by our medical provider for your safety, health and well-being. Our medical provider must ensure your individual health condition is stable and that it is safe for you to take an appetite suppressant or participate in a low calorie weight loss program. Many health conditions and appetite suppressants are not a good fit. Therefore, a full evaluation including lab work, EKG and physician evaluation are required. These additional services are offered at usual and customary charges for our area.

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Very good place to go to if you wanna loose weight. They tell you exactly whatyou need to know