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WE REMAIN OPEN DURING THE Covid-19 HEALTH CRISIS to safely serve you:
-> Also, please assume all appointments will be in the shop 2 business days.
Popular Mechanix is categorized as an essential city service by San Francisco’s Mayor, so we remain open, Monday-thru-Thursday (7:30am-5:45pm). AND we are taking extra-ordinary measures to ensure your safety (and our own).  We’re all in this together. 
We specialize in Volvos, but also work on other makes for our steady customers, as an additional service.  We are also offering a SANITIZED Pickup & Dropoff Service, for free, if you feel safer staying at home, but want your car repaired and ready-to-go in case you need it.  This new service is available first-come-first-served, so request this when making your appointment.  Appointments are first-come, first-serve basis, so schedule as early as you can. 

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