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I choose Q-DENTAL over other dental offices in my area because of the exceptional service provided by hygienist Frank Trovato. I was very disappointed that Q-DENTAL Greece neglected to notify me via (1) post (2) text (3) phone or (4) email that Frank was transferred to Q-DENTAL Irondequoit. This type of negligence is unprofessional. It was only when I (the patient) called to confirm my spring cleaning appointment at the Q-DENTAL Greece that I learned my appointment was no longer with Frank. When a patient requests a specific hygienist or dentist, an office needs to accommodate the patient. If at any point a patient wishes to change hygienists or dentists, an office must accommodate the patient....regardless if it's a patient's 2nd or 14th visit to the office. It is very poor form that Q-DENTAL Greece did not reach out to patients on Frank's schedule regarding re-scheduling. In addition, I was a little irritated that while Q-DENTAL Greece would cancel my appointment at their location, they would not re-book my appointment at Q-DENTAL Irondequoit. I was instructed to call the Irondequoit office to make an appointment. If Q-DENTAL is a regional franchise, it ought to streamline customer service rather than operate disjointedly. Due to the slew of administrative inefficiencies, I will not choose Q-DENTAL for my regular and cosmetic dental work. I will limit my business to cleanings because Frank Trovato is a top notch hygienist. I am encouraging my family members, colleagues, and Greece neighbors to follow en suite.

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My hygienist, yesterday was Julia. New to me, since Debbie W has been my hygienist for many years.

At first, I was apprehensive about having someone new work on my teeth. Julia was extremely gentle and thorough!

I was delighted that she was so knowledgeable and competent. My teeth are "squeaky" clean :)

A lesson learned. I need to step out of my comfort zone every once in a while.

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5 stars Customer since 2004

Very pleasant experience with new hygienist, Julia.

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Quick and painless procedure

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I saw a dentist at Q dental - Irondequoit last Friday, to have a procedure done. I was very disappointed that he had no "bedside manner " at all. First he jabbed me with several shots of novocaine, never giving me warning. When he started the procedure, he never talked to me, he was rough & pretty brutal. He didn't tell me if my stitches were dissolvable, or if I needed to return to have them out. He told his assistant to "get the next one ready ", never said anything when he was done, he just walked out of the room. I felt as if I was in an assembly line !

I assumed my stitches were dissolvable, but 4 days later, I felt a string hanging down in my mouth. It was the knotted end of string, which was part of my stitches.

I feel if you are going to be in this profession , you should at least have some people skills. I'm not normally an anxious person, I have a high threshold for pain and usually go along within reason. This was an experience I hope I never have to go through again, I will not be recommending Q dental to anyone , especially for oral surgery.

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Very friendly and knowledgeable people.

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My appointment was at 3:30 p.m and I arrived at 2:45 p.m. Nevertheless, I sat and waited until 4:30 p.m. Now I hope that my next appointment will be better.

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This tooth had been worked on twice before at your office by an Indian female dentist who didn't know what to do. Dr Yaege was fantastic. Good pain management and it wasn't as difficult. Thanks!!

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very apologetic for delay