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Uncomfortable. Chaotic No fresh water?


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Everyone was very pleasant and understanding of my immediate care concern candy needs.

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good doctor

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Very good exam, however, explanation of results could have been more detailed.

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Great staff and love Dr Sedeek and received a through examination and he answered all my questions Thank you ☺

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Everyone, from the receptionist to the doctor, is friendly and professional.

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Sadly I recently wrote a less than flattering review of this practice based on one experience with a doctor at this practice. This was wrong. Since writing the review, I have had two excellent phone and in-office contacts with this doctor and he has been both helpful and encouraging. I apologize for my prior review and reverse it entirely. This "shop" is a class act.

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I found the doctor uncaring and totally lacking in understanding of the anxiety of this situation. He kept stressing the negative in my condition and how age relates to it. Many diplomas and awards do not make a good physician.

The procedure he put me through was not properly discussed. No discussion of the laser procedures side effects or the pain involved.

As for pain, the laser procedure was excruciatingly painful. My eye is still sore. The doctor had described this in advance as a procedure in which one experiences discomfort and pressure. This would be laughable it were not such a tragic understatement. Incredibly painful.....

Your staff is very nice. The experience with doctor and procedure was horrible.

For the record, I have never written this kind of review on anyone or anything before.

This experience merits it.

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Would have been 5 stars but when i made the appointment, no said it was at the Palm Desert office vice the Palm Springs office that i had originally gone to. Plus there was no mention that i needed someone to drive me home as my eyes were to be dilated. Luckily, my wife came with me otherwise i would have had to sit around for several hours before i could drive home to 29 Palms. The service provided was excellent so no complaints there. Someone needs to ensure those making appointments for patients ensure location and any other important information such as dilation of the eyes is provided.

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I'm posting this on behalf of my mom. As always the folks at RI are great.