95.4% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2018

I like the way the owner explain the work he competed on my tv. Very knowledgeable and fair with the bill.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I'm very happy with my experiences with Gert and Helen at Scandinavian Service.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Our generator on our brand new fifth wheel quit running last weekend. I knew of Scandinavian auto repair and I knew they were an Onan Cummins generator repair facility. I called them up and ask if they could do a warranty repair and he said of course. I brought it in Thursday morning, he had the parts the next day and it was finished by Monday. Generator runs like new and I couldn't be happier. This was the most painless RV repair for us to date!

5 stars Customer since 2016

I like bringing my car in for service at Scandinavian. Gerd is always honest and way ahead of what's happening to my car before my car computer tells me what he told me a month before! My car always returns clean. The prices are reasonable, too. It's also just nice to visit with him and his wife and son whenever I have to bring my car in. Also, when he needs to keep my car, they are very amenable to driving me home and picking me up when the car is ready.

I recommend them 100%.

1 stars Verified customer

I took my RV to Scandinavian Service because my Onan generator starter was stuck. I agreed to the $130 dagnostic fee (which is billed in ADDITION to the cost of the repair. It is NOT applied to completing the repair job. I understand charing for diagnostic if you elect to not have the work done, but not if you proceed with the repair!). Estimate was for $740 to diagnose, remove the generator, replace the starter and reinstall the generator into the RV. The cost to remove/install the generator was estimated to take 3 hours at $126 an hour. Gert (the owner) said before he started the diagnostic something like "You will only be billed for the amount of time it takes me to do the job."

Gert stated that removing generator was a very complicated task which would require the entire RV to be lifted off the ground and that is why it would cost so much. I stayed at the shop while he started the repair in the parking lot. I watched Gert use a motorcyle jack to remove the generator in less than 30 minutes. AFTER Gert had removed the generator he told me the starter was stuck but he was able repair that issue. He went on to say that the starter would have to be replaced anyway "because there was no power to it...it was fried". At this point I was starting to grow suspicious of what Gert's intentions were and decided to take the generator with me without having complete the service. I am so glad I did.

I took the generator to Onan Cummins in Ventura to do diagnostic bench test of the generator. This cost me $200 but I felt it was worthile given Gert's deceptive actions the previous day. Low and behold an independent, certified Onan Service center stated in writing the following..."STARTER ROTATES AND APPEARS TO BE OK".

I went back to Gert and asked him what he was going to do about overbilling me and charging me for work that he knew I would not approve if he had been truthful and forthcoming with the information. He insisted that I had to pay 1 1/2 hour labor to remove the generator even though it only took 30 minutes. He also said things like "we don't bill customers based on how much time the job takes". THEN WHAT DO YOU BILL CUSTOMERS BASED ON?

It is my belief that Gert was DISHONEST and KNOWINGLY withheld information to maximize his profits at my expense. Save yourself time and money, do not use Scandinavian Services.

Upon doing some research regarding other customers experiences at Scandinavian Service I found the following information:


"This place is a rip off - They have no clue about customer service or how to fix Onan generators. I took my RV for generator problems and it came back with more and different problems than it had before I took it. They seem to find problems within the RV that were never an issue prior to taking it to them."


"I learned the hard way. I spent thousands of dollars at this shop before I realized the scamming going on here. Lets just say after a visit to Scandinavian your car will need more repairs from improper work performed, misdiagnostic, and sabotage. Most shops charge a diagnostic few that gets applied towards the repair. Not here, you can expect to pay a $125 diagnostic few and then pay for the repair itself. This place has an excuse for everything."


"Terrible experience, very unprofessional and disorganized, scam artist!"

Diagnostic Fee - $130 is billed in addition to the cost of the repair.

From Yellow Pages

"The owner of Scandinavian insisted he knows how to fix these generators and took the job. Then he started guessing and replacing parts that actually did nothing to improve the problem. He had my RV for over 1 month charged $1100 and never fixed the problem. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU LOVE THROWING MONEY AWAY!!!"

From Yellow Pages

"Expensive and Unable to find Root of Problem"

From Scandinavian Service's website

"I called them and they would have the estimate in

about an day.Six days later no call no estimate .I went back to get my car and ask to speak with "Gert" the owner he wouldn't even come out of his

office to speak with me.. The worst service I have ever received!!! Save your time and money!!!"

From Scandinavian Service's website

"Gave me a quote, I agreed--that is a legal contract. AND their quote was no bargain. They then charged me more across the board--no added work. I told the receptionist (the owners wife) twice about the overcharge. I called the owner 6 times on 5 different days--he was never available! Their Ad, 'WHERE HONESTY IS THE ONLY POLICY" If that is honesty, then look out."

Scandinavian Service Inc replied:

When you write a review, please be honest and do not take things out of context. The 1995 Onan generator was brought to us in several pieces; many parts were loose or hanging by their wires. After an extensive diagnosis, we found the starter motor was stuck against the flywheel, and as a result, would not start the generator. We did NOT say the starter motor was broken. We informed the customer that the starter motor itself is possible okay, but the starter gear might be damaged and you cannot purchase that gear separately.

Labor time of the job is based on the amount of training, experience and equipment, just as it states on every single invoice. Also, don?t cherry pick old reviews from up to 12 years ago, and actually read our reviews page on our website at this link: http://www.scandinavianservice.com/reviews/ Please note the (at this time) 132, 5 star reviews. As a final note, were very sorry you didn't like our service. Have a nice day Mr. Shane Robinson.

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Great work and service.. been going to them for years...

5 stars Verified customer


5 stars Customer since 2002

Always a pleasant experience. Gert knows his Saabs! Gets things done on time.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Problem diagnosed right away and repaired quickly. No hidden charges. Very fair pricing. Will definitely go back.

5 stars Customer since 2018

They were able to schedule me for an appointment right away. Even though parts were needed, they were able to get them in stock and finish the repair within the same day. The people were very friendly and helpful. They provided me with a thorough diagnostic report and honest recommendations for repairs taking into account the cost. They worked to give me the best deal possible for quality work.