100.0% would refer friends and family to us

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Thanks again for servicing my car. You will want to know that I was able to pass my driving test today, so thanks for being a part of it.

Will look forward to working with you again.

Susan Calender

5 stars Verified customer

excellent service.

convenient location.

quick turnaround time.

5 stars Verified customer

Steve diagnosed a strange water leak in my Volvo C70 and replaced the cabin heater water supply hoses. While doing this he notice that the hoses supplying cooling water to the turbocharger looked as if they would need attention soon. He replaced those as well. the car runs well and no leaks.

Another great job.

Thanks, Steve

5 stars Verified customer

Took our aging Forester in for a timing belt replacement at 155K miles, after NO servicing (apart from regular synthetic oil changes) and totally missing the schedule for belt replacement.

Found a lot of cracked rubber hoses, battery was nearly dead, plug leads were done - all was communicated to us very quickly, added to the job at a reasonable rate and still done one time.

Was able to see all old parts and oh boy, they needed replacing years earlier - pretty lucky it held together.

Car now feels like new.

5 stars Verified customer

Always a good job by Steve's shop. Will take any of my cars to him for service

5 stars Verified customer

Steve recently gave my 12-year old C70 a "going-over" and it is back to where it should be. The work ranged from fluid replacement to cooling system rework.

As always Steve gave me the best results and even talked me out of doing some things at this time because he said it was not necessary.

You just have love that!

Great job, Steve.

See you Monday with the Toyota for rear shocks, etc.

5 stars Verified customer

Best service in the area! I have never been disappointed and recommend everyone I know to him.

5 stars Verified customer

I've been so fortunate to find Steve! I know I'm always getting an honest and straight forward answer from him and a fair price! Being a single female with an older car, Steve always puts it to me straight, educates me and helps me choose a plan that is best for me, my car and my pocket book! He's also always there when I need an question answered....like when I should/shouldn't be using lower gears.

I'll be in the market soon for a new car so I won't be seeing him as much, but I'll know he's there whenever I need him!

5 stars Verified customer

Steve's been our "mechanic of choice" for over 25 years! He's always been exceptionally competent and helpful. Recommended without reservation!

5 stars Verified customer

This guy is incredible. I've been bringing my car sot Steve for a while now. He is amazing. The work is impeccable, and he is very knowledgeable. I'm much happier going to him instead of the dealer for so many reasons. Go to this guy, you won't be disappointed!