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Many issues, but I will list the main ones:

1) Used wrong color shingles on 1/4th of the roof after completing 2nd day of work. Apparently they ran out of the original color. Seems like this would NOT have been corrected had I not mentioned it. I make that assumption because no one ever immediately came back to fix the problem. No one ever left a note or message/call/email/text -- no one ever gave me a heads up about the mismatched color. As later, the excuse was given that they used the wrong color as a "temporary" fix. HUH??? Really??

2) A corner of the roof's edge/soffit was left exposed. They said it partially collapsed, so they pushed it all back in place with several nails leaving hammer indentations all along the fascia boards. There was even a large nail fully sticking out like someone hammered on it once and left (almost comical I would say!). This exposed area would have obviously allowed moisture and pests to enter the attic. Again- probably would not have been fixed had I not mentioned it as days and days went by with no notice that they planned to come back.

3) And for THE worst- they left the main HVAC flue pipe UN-CONNECTED in between 1st and 2nd days of work. This was for a GAS furnace. I assume the pipe leads outdoors into the open air because it lets out the gas heater's carbon monoxide?? I'm not an HVAC expert but I thought to look inside the closet to check around before attempting to turn on the heater (as it was very cold that evening). I just left it disconnected and used a space heater for the night. Next day I showed the job's foreman about this and mentioned it was a good thing I didn't turn on the heater. His reply to me was- "yeah it's a good thing you didn't".


ALSO, the flue pipe for the gas water heater was also left disconnected. However- not as major, as Co2 would have only been distributed into the attic.

I took pictures of mostly everything and showed everyone I could and they were all in disbelief. Not sure why an insurance company with a great reputation like Amica would use a business like this!!!!!!!

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Apparently you did not bother to read the first survey we answered, which is typical of our experience with Specialty Restorations. The promise of 1 week to 10 days to completion turned into 8 1/2 weeks. Many ignored calls and pleas for assistance. Job NOT done as requested at initial visit, project manager who did not return calls. Many calls. Pleas for assistance for administration went unheeded. To say we were dissatisfied is an understatement. We went with SRT on the recommendation of our insurance company, they have been notified of the less than poor choice.

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I was at my local Lowes store one day last week looking for some new light switches. I got talking to a man in the same section of the store. I made mention of SRT and he said he knows this company very well. He said he has some income properties and has used SRT in the past. He also said this is a very good company and they are honest to a fault. I also can say the experience my wife and I gave had is exceptional. The man who did most of the work, Guy Denson is probably one of a kind. He knows his business and is one very hard working man. My wife and I really felt his strong commitment to our repair needs.

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Absolutely the WORST experience. I would NEVER recommend Specialty Restoration of Texas to anyone

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very disappointing results with one particular employee. I switched my services to a different company in waco and was extremely happy with them.

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This was a master bath, double shower door and enclosure replacement project, but required delicate attention due to single mom tenant, which consultant finally accomplished. There was a change in project managers during mid-stream and a potential for having a mold condition, which had to be ruled out, before work could be completed. This distracted from being 5 star work.. Overall, the project was finally completed over a two-month period, from time of event to completion. The event and the time to complete the replacement work upset the tenant and I had to compensate tenant for extended disruption, which added to the overall cost.. This was one of those type jobs where no one wins!

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Excellent workers and work. Worked around our schedule. Finished the job in a timely manner. Definitely recommend.

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Very disappointed in the integrity of one of the workers. Had months of delay and difficulty with the agent assigned to my case.