Since the doors first opened in 1998, START Fitness(R) has helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals. START Fitness(R) classes utilize safe and effective exercises uniquely arranged to target specific muscle groups. Our certified instructors will lead you through a series of heart-pounding cardio drills, cadence calls, body resistance exercises, TRX and tubing drills, all to upbeat music.

You′ll burn over 700 calories in 60 minutes and sculpt your body like never before!

We have two locations - one in San Francisco, CA and one in Nashville, TN. Although both programs combine muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning exercises, each location has slightly different hours and days of operation. Our San Francisco, CA program is located on Bush Street and runs from 0600-0700 (6a-7a) and another class from 0700-0800 hours (7a-8a) Monday through Friday. Our Nashville, TN program is closing for the holidays (starting Dec. 1st) and reopening in a new location in 2013. Stay tuned for details.

One participate mentioned, "I came looking for a good fitness routine and wound up getting a crushing shot of Boot Camp adrenaline! This ROCKS! HOOAH!"

It′s the toughest boot camp you′ll ever love!!!TM

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