93.7% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars Customer since 2014

I will never go to this place again. The front desk were rude from the moment I walked in. I was the only customer and was told there would be a 1 to 2 hour wait if my dog was stable. I was the only customer. Two more people walked in. Neither of them were greeted that way. I was taken to an exam room shortly afterwards where the vet tech also told me 1 to 2 hours and encourag3d me to call my vet office. It was Saturday morning at 7am! Next thing I know the vet....a super nice guy.....walked in and told me my dog's neck and shoulder was severely sprained and he had to remain quiet and still for 2 weeks. He gave my dog a pain med shot, ran labs and was sent home on 2 pain meds for a week. Vet was nice. Rest of staff....horrible. The bathroom was Filthy with a full trash can, toilet not clean. This place has taken a big downward turn.

5 stars Customer since 2022

The staff was wonderful!

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was very welcoming and accommodating and Dr. Novasad explained things very well.

3 stars Verified customer

Compassion was lacking with front office staff as well as one of the vet technicians. Signs indicating rude behavior is not tolerated, however I’m sure staff is guilty as well.

5 stars Customer since 2019

The oncology department takes wonderful care of our girl Dottie. They are loving, caring, and efficient. They prevented her from having the wrong treatment by going to great lengths to determine her type of lymphoma. As a result, she is doing great (happy, healthy, rambunctious) 7 months after her initial diagnosis.

5 stars Customer since 2019

Excellent and caring vets and staff.

5 stars Customer since 2020

My Frenchie had an allergic reaction late in the night. I was grateful they were open 24hrs. The staff was very friendly and price was reasonable.

5 stars Customer since 2019

Everything about this place is top notch. The doctors are highly skilled, the care is outstanding, and the staff is well trained. I can't say enough about how grateful we are that this practice is located in Sugar Land.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Briana and Dr. Medici were so caring and professional.

1 stars Customer since 2022

I have been going to Gulf Coast for more than 20 years for all my pets emergencies, I find them to be very professional, caring and concerned about my pets, unfortunately they were very busy and recommended I call Sugar Land clinic, during the initial phone call I was informed that there will be a two hour waiting and was sent a sign in link, which I did, I have a yorkie, was worried because she have been vomiting, upon arriving before any kind of greeting I was asked if I own a mask.I said no

and they provided one, within seconds without giving me time to put mask on I was told by receptionist that I must wear a mask again in a very unwelcoming harsh tone, without giving me time to put it on!!!!!, with ultimate respect I put mask on, receptionist never said good morning, may I help you? What is wrong with your pet? I stood in front of her and asked what should I do? she instructed me to seat and wait, I arrived at 10:30 am, around 11:30 they called me inside a consultation room and was greeted by a nice young lady who asked me a few questions about my reason for the visit and she took my pet inside, I sat in the cold small room for 3 hrs. around 1:30 a technician came in the room asked me several questions about my pet and what was wrong and told me that the Dr will be coming in to talk to me shortly, around 2:30 Dr. came in the room suggested that a complete blood work including liver and pancreas was needed, that my dog appeared to be in pain and dehydrated, I said ok, she said blood work will take two hours and shortly a technician will come in to give me estimate, around 3:30 no technician has come in so I called from my cell the clinic told them that I was waiting for estimate and to please let me know if it will take much longer she checked for me and said he will see me shortly, at 3:35 technician walked in and told me that the estimate included things they may need to do but were not sure about it and the total was $865.00, I said ok, then he proceeded to say that nothing will be done to my pet until full amount was paid in advance, he said if they did not do everything in the estimate they will refund money, I said ok, gave them my card and asked how long before I get my dog, he said two hours, I had no breakfast so I told him I will be going near by for lunch to please call me when my pet was ready and I left the clinic for lunch, around 4:30 I came back to the clinic and sat in reception waiting on my results and my dog, at this time there was no one at the lobby, only the two receptionists and me, I was sitting in a far corner of the lobby, around 4:55 a friend called me, I removed my mask from one ear to talk to her, receptionists were switching shift at the moment, the new receptionist screamed at me from across the room and said “you must wear your mask immediately “ I am sorry to say this after 6 and a half hours of patiently waiting and respectfully wearing a mask I stood up and in a non friendly manner told the lady that we were more that 20 ft. apart and I was not going to wear a mask anymore, that I was tired and demanded my dog immediately, she screamed at me and asked me to leave, I left went to my car and within 2 minutes they brought my dog to my car and told me a technician will come and talk to me, in about 5 minutes he came explained that nothing was wrong with my dog, but they could not assure me with certainty the my dog’s pancreas was good, but blood test indicated negative and I should go back to her regular Dr., they also refunded 150.00, long story short, that is the most uncaring organization I have ever visited, no regards for their customers from the moment I stepped in their front door to the end, in my experience they only care about money and overall “MASKS”, I think they should change business and become an advocate for masks instead of caring for our pets that we love so much! I will not recommend them to anyone!