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The staff is very friendly and welcoming. However the process of labs and actually being called back takes way too long. We also had issues with nursing staff calling up with results but when I looked in my patient portal with the lab my insurance requires they are sent to, which shows the test results, the results varied widely. My hormone dose was increased each cycle. We were basically called 4 days after the IUI and told to double what we took last month and then we were left to our own devices for the duration of the two week wait.

We have since started with a new clinic which has told us the hormones should only be used if labs show you actually need added hormones. My body was never allowed the chance to try on it's own and was pumped full of way too many hormones. They are not supposed to be given like candy. The new clinic also pointed out many test which should have been run as a new patient before the first IUI. Over all the lack of transparency from the clinical side is what led us to seek another clinic.

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I am pleased and thankful with everybodies help and service. Very kind and experienced.

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I was told to arrive 30 minutes early for my appointment to fill out additional paperwork. At the time of my appointment they came out and told me the doctor was running an hour behind schedule. When I did finally get back there, a nurse asked me all the same information that I had filled out in the initial paperwork for them. Dr. Robin was amazing, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I loved her. Then I was placed outside the lab where I waited 30 minutes to have blood drawn and another 45 minutes to see one of the financial counselors. At 5:15, one of them finally came out and pulled me back apologizing because the woman they thought was handling me had actually left the building. I was at the office from 1:30 to 6:20 this day. Overall not a great experience, but hopefully will improve.

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I give them a 5 simply because you only see the doctor the day of transfer and other surgeries but not during regular visits... finance staff members are rude and disrespectful they care more about money then actually helping families expand when I first met dr Robin she was so sweet and she told me what I was suffering from she will help with that but she could definitely use new staff

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Everyone is friendly and dr Robin is amazing. I am still in the planning phase and so far its going good. The only thing that I had an issue with is when the financial advisor told me one price and when I paid at the front desk they said another price as far as my insurance is considered, but other than that I love it

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Made me feel safe and well taken care of

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Very friendly warm staff, was anxious about first appointment. Lots of time going over options for payments and procedures, all questions answered.

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I had begun to lose hope after having 5 miscarriages in a row; after meeting with Dr. Robin and getting some answers after only 48 hrs we have hope again that we will get our rainbow baby :).

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I had a great experience. Everything was explained to me and I had access to help/questions when I needed it. Dr. Robin is very supportive. When I finally became pregnant (without miscarrying) they supported me through my first trimester. They made something possible that I never thought I'd have. I wish I had the means to do it one more time, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Every one at New Hope has been so kind and helpful. Very excited to get started as a Gestational Carrier!