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I came in with 2 packs of hair for a bob. The stylist only used a little over half a pack of 1 thing of hair. My bob was so thin I ended up taking it out. I would never recommend that stylist to my worst enemy.

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I have made the trip from birmingham, Alabama on four times and brought my daughter the service was excellent however I think the male manager is a little over the top. He belittle the staff in front of the customers by basically telling them to shut up ! he play boring elevator music. I have had them to change the prices from the time I sit down in the chair and when I get ready to pay it is something different. I like to tip big but because of the problem with being told one thing I had to pay the $25 difference.

2 stars Verified customer

This was my first time going to the Weave shop and getting a weave period. I wanted to try something different and the prices are reasonable so I decided to try it. When I walked into the shop, it was very calm and laid back and there weren't too many people in there. I came on a walk-in day around 1:30 pm on a Friday. Since it was a walk-in day, they told me I would have to wait about 30 minutes for the next available stylist. I did not have a problem with that, the only problem was it wasn't 30 minutes, I waited for about an hour and 15 minutes. I did not get seated until 2:45 pm!! The stylists were friendly, however, since it was my first time ever getting a weave, I thought they would be more informative about the process and the pros and cons of getting a sew-in, etc. I say this because about an hour after I left the shop, my scalp was so tight but I thought maybe this is normal since I have never gotten one before. By the time I got home, I felt like someone was pulling my hair from my scalp and as the day went on, it just got worse and worse. The weird part is when my stylist was braiding my hair, it did not feel that tight and the sew-in did not hurt at the time I was getting it. After about 2 hours of intense throbbing, I called the shop to ask them if this was normal. The lady on the phone told me that it supposed to be tight, but not unbearable. So I thought maybe I'm just being really sensitive or something, she also told me to take a painkiller to relive the pain, which I did. I'm thinking I should not have to take a painkiller after just getting my hair done! After a few hours, the throbbing/pain subsided a little bit but it was still rather annoying. Once I got home that night, I literally felt like my scalp was on fire plus the feeling of someone pulling my hair from my scalp. I thought there is no way that it should be this bad! I ended up having to take another painkiller just to get some sleep, and even that did not work. I probably only got about 1 or 2 hours of sleep that night because the pain was so unbearable, I could scream!! So basically after being up the whole night, I decided to go back to the Weave shop as soon as they opened to get this sew-in out of my head. They told me I could just get it loosened, but I did not want to take a chance and have my head on fire again! Another thing is that the day before when I called asking about the throbbing, one girl told me that they would take out the sew-in for free if I was in that much pain. But when I got there the next morning, someone else told me that they could not do that and I would have to pay $25 to get the sew-in removed. So obviously there is some miscommunication among the employees there. To be honest, I did not care to argue about the fee because I was so miserable and in so much pain all I cared about was getting that hair out and having relief! So I got the sew-in removed and paid the $25 and I felt like I could breathe again. Needless to say, I most likely will never ever get a sew-in weave ever again!! As a matter of fact, I can still feel slight throbbing in my scalp as I'm typing this and it's almost been a whole day since I got it removed. The stylist who removed my sew-in also did not seem too concerned about the pain and suffering that I went through. She just said that I must be really tender headed. I'm actually not that tender headed but something was definitely not right about that sew-in. Nobody should ever be in that much pain from a hairdo! I'm just happy that I'll be able to sleep tonight. So for anyone who is planning on getting a sew-in, make sure you know what you're getting into and maybe do some research about it first. I have read horror stories about people who have gotten sew-ins and now they are basically bald or it was so tight that they had no choice but to cut it out themselves. Of course, I was thinking those are rare cases and that it won't happen here, but you never know. I'm just glad that I decided to save my hair now and prevent something worse, like going bald. I also wish that the owners could have been more concerned about my horrible experience or at least say "I'm so sorry how can I make your experience better?" or something like that. Anyway, I say all that to say make sure you do your research before just going into something that could potentially ruin your hair.

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I absolutely love my hair the only thing I did not like Is I got there at 8 and the beauticians did not start showing up til 830 I didn't even get in the chair til 900!!! But outside of that I love my hair

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My weave is fabulous and I didn't have to spend $250 and up to get it put in.

5 stars Customer since 2012

It was fantastic.

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Not very pleased with the outcome, hair is very lumpy and does not lay flat.

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Customers being serviced should be offered a refreshment and some available snacks. The shop was a little messy and needs some products to purchase through recommendation of the staff and also dressing attire should be more uniformed. The waiting area needs some reading material added.

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They don't take a long time to do my hair and always look great and last a very long time!! My tracks has never slipped or loosened. I've gotten my hair done there four times and was pleased every time. I got my hair done in May for my wedding and a just took it out last week and the tracks were still tight!! I went to get my hair done just the past Saturday and I wasn't feeling too good and they were so helpful. Making sure I was alright. More than one person offered me something to drink. and there was no attitudes. Just a fun environment!! I love the weave shop in Lithonia.

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I had a great experience on yesterday at the weave shop; my stylist did a wonderful job. My, service consisted of a shampoo and flat iron and my hair looked great.