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Would never go back in my life!! I went worried and we expect nice employees to greet you and be nice to ease your worries, instead they make it worse. A nurse named Nikki was rude, mean and very unfriendly to me. I asked to go to the restroom before exams once in the room and she said you can't go, if you do i have to skip you and call someone else. I told her please i wont take long and she said weren't you the one who just asked how long before we saw you? I said no i have been waiting patiently for 2 hours, she argued with me , just an awful experience.

1 stars Customer since 2012

i have not received any paperwork or medication or any kind of call telling me what is wrong. I need an answer from someone!!!!!!!!

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Were very professional and scheduled appointment very timely. Technician was extremely knowledgeable.

1 stars Customer since 2012

My experience was not a good one. I arrived 1 hour before my scheduled time. I filled out the paper work. Told the receptionist I needed to start drinking my water (was told to drink 32 oz before ultrasound & do not go to the restroom). Asked her if they would possibly call me in early, she said no. So I went out to my car to drink my water. Came back 15 minutes before my scheduled time and waited. Once my scheduled time arrived & I still wasn't called, I went to the desk only to find out they had already called my name and scratched it out. Which means they never would have called me, if I didn't go back to the desk. To top it off I still had to wait another 15 minutes. I was there 1 hour & 15 minutes before I went in. AND could hardly walk because my bladder was so full. I really felt like I was going to have an accident. Poor customer service, but I still have to pay that high bill-Not fair to the customer. Special thanks to the young lady who did the ultrasound. She had such a wonderful attitude. She made up for the waiting room experience.

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Everything and everyone was very professional. There was no long wait. I arrived, took care of paper work and was called. The whole procedure from arrival to departure too less than an hour. Thank you for such good service.

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Maybe more sympathetic Us technician n display affection for patients.this technician simply shows flat affect!.for patient having this intrusive procedure, mybe a little fake or nice warmth explanation to patients wil be considerate enough.however this is in reference to the transvaginal Us.the mammo tech is very helpful n patient.seems like she definitely like her job.A+ on her.

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My appointment was at 10:30 a.m. and was seen within 20 minutes. The technician was very polite and accommodating, ie; offered a blanket as it was very cold in the room. This was my 3rd MRI, and overall the staff is very nice.

However, when I came back to pick up my MRI results in the same building at the front office, I was taken back by "Angie" ugly behavior

I would NEVER go back, which is unfortunate as the rest of the staff is awesome. Yes, she is that bad! sorry

5 stars Customer since 2012

Everyone was great!!! I felt like they really cared about me.

1 stars

It took a week for the business office to verify my insurance, and then it was not correct. To have to pay $1000 out-of-pocket with insurance coverage is not acceptable. I found another imaging center that was less expensive and more willing to help with my insurance.

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I have difficulty turning my head so having a mammogram can be quite painful, however the mammography was patient and gentle and worked with my limitations to get the best image possible with a minimum of discomfort for me.