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If Utah Gastroenterology is using Facebook, then they only deserve one star.

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I contacted their office through their NextGen MD portal because I needed a new prescription for medication, simple huh?. My existing prescription had expired and I had enough medication for 2 days. I sent the request on Friday and had no response and by then I was out of medication which the doctor had said I needed to make sure I took. I sent a 2nd request on their website and finally heard from them the following Thursday with a statement that I needed to come in for a visit because I hadn't been in for a while. No suggestion that they could send a prescription for a 10 day supply to get me by so I could make the necessary appointment. Very bad customer/patient service and concern for my condition at a zero! I am going to change dr's. I'm not impressed with their staff at all. Yes, I could have called but I was sure that their response was going to be to come in, because that was their response the last time this happened and it irritates me that I need to make a $45 co-pay for them to hand me a piece of paper.

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I have been coming to Utah Gastrenterology for many years. My Doctor is Dr. Harmston. This office and the personnel who work there are exemplary in every way. Very professional but also treats their patients with care and takes the time to listen to concerns and explains all procedures thoroughly. Dr. Harmston is amazing!

5 stars Customer since 2007

They have made my life a lot better, I can eat all foods and many that I couldn't before.

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The staff at Utah Gastroenterology are excellent, I highly recommend them.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Always a good experience. I feel my Dr. Spends plenty of time with me and I never feel rushed. All my questions are answered.

5 stars Customer since 2007

The PA took her time and listen to everything I had to say and scheduled me for what I need it

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Dr Frech is an excellent doctor. He takes the time to really listen and to answer any questions (and explains things in a way I can understand). He gives advice but makes me feel like I'm a partner in determining my own health plan. I'm so glad I found him!

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Dr. Harmston was knowledgeable and very thorough. He took time to listen to my symptoms and made productive recommendations. I valued his diagnosis and have already begun to feel better.

5 stars Customer since 2007

I have been very pleased with my dealings with Utah Gastroenterology -Dr. Harmston over the past few years. My quality of life has been improved because of their solutions.