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98.8% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

Fantastic with keeping children comfortable through cleanings and fillings.

It would be nice if they took into consideration when dental coverage doesn't cover specific type of filling that they would use a different type the next time... when you go from a $30 bill one day to over $130 the following filling treatment makes a big difference when living pay cheque to pay cheque.

5 stars Verified customer

All of the staff are always so friendly and knowledgable!

5 stars Verified customer

Great job Holly! Gums are still bait tender but glad it's done

5 stars Verified customer

Staff are very warm and welcoming.

very pleased with the attention to detail in their work.

5 stars Verified customer

Best dental hygenist i've had.

5 stars Verified customer

Very pleasant staff, my appointment time was right on time, work done was done well & no after effects of pain etc.

This is a first class dental clinic.

5 stars Verified customer

Very satisfactory service. Good team of dental health professionals. I would gladly recommend Willowgreen Family Dental to my friends and colleagues.

3 stars Verified customer

The technical work at Willowgreen is good. The clinic itself is clean, well-lit, and well-run. In short, if you want good dentistry, you probably want Willowgreen.

My experience at Willowgreen has one downside which is probably not specific to this office or its personnel. When we are patients at a doctor or dentist's office, we are often placed in a position that makes it difficult to talk conversationally. Despite this, personnel often want to engage in small talk. I think they think we find this reassuring.

There are two problems with this. First, as in the old comedy routine, when a dentist has his or her hands in your mouth and then asks "Ever do any fishing?," it's hard to respond and awkward to try.

The second problem is more serious. People have a lot of divergent views on issues of the day, and it's a sad fact of modern life that many of these issues are not welcome subjects for polite conversation.

To be more specific: I left my previous dentist because I once had to listen to them lecture me on politics for half an hour during a procedure. I'm not comfortable discussing politics with strangers, and I'm particularly uncomfortable when these topics come up with their hands in my mouth. So I left to come to Willowgreen.

That being said, during a visit to Willowgreen, a fairly contentious topic related to current events was introduced as small talk -- no doubt to reassure me as a patient. I'm sure the practitioner was just preoccupied with what they were doing and had no negative intentions. And since I couldn't answer in any case, I kept my opinions to myself. No harm, no foul.

However, I would prefer it if we did the small talk before the procedure starts. I personally am perfectly happy with silence once they start working. And let's try to keep the small talk topics as light as we can.

Talk about fishing.

4 stars Verified customer

Very nice dental chair, with massage, headphones and TV on the ceiling. Staffs are friendly and the service is very good. But still no free-wifi for clients.

5 stars Verified customer

We received stellar care for my 2 year old when he slipped and broke a tooth on a long weekend. Despite not being clients of Willowgreen Family Dental (our dentist didn't answer their emergency line), Dr. Holly Dunlop came in, took great care of my son and calmed my wife and I down. The next day, she helped arrange a consult with a pediatric dental specialist for us. She went above and beyond for us and my family and I are grateful.